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Naphtali Press Special Editions

For over thirty years Naphtali Press (NP) has published fine quality editions of Puritan, Presbyterian and Reformed literature. Naphtali Press Special Editions (NPSE) is a series of books co-published by NP and Reformation Heritage Books (RHB). RHB handles production and sales of the titles, while NP creates the text to be published. This involves significant development costs and hearkening back to the days of subscription based and even older era of patron supported publication, NPSE relies on annual sponsor drives to raise the funds to create these texts. Sponsors at the several levels offered receive copies of all titles produced that year, a custom bookplate and recognition in the front sponsorship section of each volume, as well as other ‘rewards’ depending on sponsorship level. Sponsorship of NPSE makes it possible to publish puritan classics never yet republished, or undertake first time translation work, or transcription and editing for first time publication works still remaining in manuscripts. There are at least 228 Sermons of James Durham on Song of Solomon in manuscript, and there are a number of second reformation Scottish texts locked away in manuscript to this day. And while we have one translation project underway from 2020-21, this is very expensive work. If NPSE can continue to increase the number of sponsors each year to more significant levels, more complex, costly and multiyear projects can be undertaken.

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NPSE 2021-22 Sponsorship

Naphtali Press Special Editions enters its third year and it is time to renew and to seek additional sponsors for the 2021-22 Series. If you are receiving or viewing this notice it is because you have sponsored the past years or expressed interest in or saw a notice about sponsoring this year. As you know, NPSE titles are co-published with Reformation Heritage Books, but the cost to develop the texts must be raised by annual sponsorship. Through this means NPSE can undertake labor intensive critical texts, transcription work from centuries old manuscripts or first time translations of important Reformed and Presbyterian works. We have produced five titles over the last two series years in this way: Volumes 1&2 of James Durham's Commentary upon Revelation, David Dickson's Sermons on Jeremiah's Lamentations, the London Provincial Assembly's Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici, or the Divine Right of Church Government, and the first volume of The Shorter Writings of George Gillespie. The sixth, a first time translation from the Latin of Gisbertus Voetius's On the Sabbath and Feast Day, has a delayed publication for 2022 due to the complexity of the work and the schedule of the translator (D.V.). If you sponsored for 2020-21 you will receive the Voetius when published, and new sponsors for 2021-22 will also receive a copy. The goal this year is: 1. To complete Durham's Revelation commentary with the third volume. This will include all the indexing for the three volumes and a significantly updated and extensive biography and bibliography. 2. We will produce the second volume of the Gillespie shorter writings, which will include most of the items produced when he was in London at the Westminster Assembly. 3. And the publication of the Voetius. There is also the possibility of a fully sponsored extra title, which if that comes to pass this year, all 2021-22 Sponsors will receive a copy (more information on this later if this late breaking possibility progresses to reality). The funding goal for 2021-22 is $30,000 with the hope we can again increase the number of sponsors and get NPSE on a stable trajectory that can include even more ambitious projects. Below are the regular and higher level sponsorships. Some are familiar; some are new and exciting!

NOTE: If you wish to pay by check for your sponsorship see important information at the bottom of this notice. 
Regular Sponsorship Level
Custom Level
Co-Publisher Level
Plus Levels
--Gillespie Print
--Westminster Letter Press Levels
-- Samuel Rutherford Portrait Miniature Level

NPSE 2021-22 Regular Level Sponsorship

Regular Level, USA or Intl.

$210 USA or $325 International. Regular Sponsorship Level entitles sponsors to copies of all the proposed titles produced this year, the custom sponsor bookplate in each book, and listing as a sponsor in the front sponsor section of each volume for this year. We are sorry for the increase but there have been a couple of USPS postal cost increases since we began. The links below are direct pay now links via Paypal. Choose USA or International as appropriate. If desiring an installment plan option, see the online store.

USA Sponsor Now $210
International Sponsor Now $325
Custom Regular Level, USA or Intl.
$500 or greater. All the regular benefits but for those who wish to sponsor at a greater amount without any extra 'reward' or recognition. Chose one of the custom levels below to pay now via Paypal for 2021-22 sponsorship. Or, if you would like to set a custom and regularly recurring monthly or yearly sponsorship, and never miss renewing, see our Donorbox Campaign. The below are payment in full one time charges for 2021-22 sponsorship only. 
Custom Sponsor Now $500
Custom Sponsor Now $750
Custom Sponsor Now $1000
Custom Sponsor Now $1250
Custom Sponsor Now $1500
Custom Sponsor Now $2000
Honorary Co-publisher for Shorter Writings of George Gillespie, vol. 2. USA or Intl.
$2500. We are combining/collapsing the several higher sponsor levels (dedication/epigram and co-publisher) into one level to simplify this to one level. This level is offered per title and includes all the regular benefits plus determining the dedication and epigraph pages and  recognition as honorary co-publisher in a prominent place in the book sponsored at sponsor's discretion (on reverse of title page, or special place in the subscriber section). There is only one of this level of sponsorship per title every series year. The Durham on Revelation v3 is already spoken for, but the v2 of Shorter Writings of George Gillespie is still available. 
Co-Publisher for Gillespie v2

NPSE 2021-22 Sponsorship "Plus" Levels

The following are higher levels of sponsorship which offer unique opportunities to support the NPSE efforts at higher levels and receive all the regular benefits of sponsorship "plus" special merchandise.
Portrait of George Gillespie
Gillespie Print Level.
$310 USA. $425 Intl. Same benefits as Regular Sponsorship plus a 5x7 matted print of the George Gillespie portrait produced last year. The miniature painting is by David Gillespie (for which see more details under the new miniature portrait sponsorship opportunity below). This print is only available to NPSE sponsors through this level of sponsorship. 
USA Sponsor Now $310
International Sponsor Now $425

Westminster Letter Press "Plus" Levels

These levels of support include "plus" items produced by the short-lived Westminster Letter Press (though it could be revived to produced limited quantity "plus" rewards in the future!). 
Portrait of George Gillespie
Westminster Larger Catechism Manuscripts, Regular edition.
$250 USA. $390 Intl. Same benefits as Regular Sponsorship plus the regular edition of The Larger Catechism of the Westminster Assembly: A Transcription of the Surviving Manuscripts with Notes. The several editions produced of this are described at this link. Available now only through NPSE Sponsorship. 

USA Sponsor Now $250
International Sponsor Now $390
Portrait of George Gillespie
Westminster Larger Catechism Manuscripts, SlipCase. 2 only
$875 USA or Intl. Same benefits as Regular Sponsorship plus the slip case edition of The Larger Catechism of the Westminster Assembly: A Transcription of the Surviving Manuscripts with Notes. The several editions produced of this are described at this link. Only 25 slipcase examles were created. The remaining are B13 and B15. This edition contains the signed edition limitation section in front, is printed on Somerset Book mold made paper, hand bound in Japanese bookcloth and quarter leather, with matching cloth slipcase, leather label on slipcase spine and custom label on the front cover of a reproduction of the hand written MS title done by world famous calligrapher Jerry Kelly.
Sponsor Now
Portrait of George Gillespie
Solemn League & Covenant Broadside. Limited Signed edition.
$475 USA only. Same benefits as Regular Sponsorship plus one of the  signed copies of  The Solemn League & Covenant broadside (2008). Sheet size is approximately 16.75 x 21.75 with the deckle edging. Limited. 15 numbered examples signed by the publisher and the print maker remain. The majority of the print run is unsigned and we are offering the signed examples as a plus reward this year. See the description at this link.  
USA Sponsor Now $475

Portrait Miniature "Plus" Level

NPSE is pleased to be able to offer again a portrait project by David Gillespie. Last year's proposed portrait of George Gillespie was snatched up immediately and it was finally finished in September 2021. It is a beautiful and unique thing. See David's bona fides at Pumpkin Town Primitives. See this year's proposal below of another consequential historical figure in Scottish Presbyterian history.
Portrait of George Gillespie
Portrait of George Gillespie
Miniature Portrait of Samuel Rutherford. 1 only
$2000 USA or Intl. Same benefits as Regular Sponsorship plus David Gillespie will craft a new portrait miniature of Samuel Rutherford. The production values will be the same for the 2020-21 portrait miniature of George Gillespie. David Gillespie  studied under two of Britain's greatest miniature painters, both members of the Royal Miniature Society, under whom he learned the traditional craft and techniques of British portrait miniature painting. David's patrons have been happy to pay thousands of dollars for his miniatures and he has been recognized for his work by the Miniature Society of Washington DC. David has kindly discounted the cost for us to be able to offer this as a sponsorship item again this year. 

Watercolors on mammoth ivory, using Gemstone Pigments, Lapis Lazuli in some of the blues, Red Jaspar, and Purple Amethyst, 24 K Gold lettering, signed with artist initials. 24K gold plated frame with loop.  Comes in a presentation box with hand marbled paper on the cover and period label describing the portrait and recognizing the sponsorship and identical label inside the portrait case on acid free paper. The sponsor will receive the original framed portrait suitable for bookshelf or wall-hanging with NPSE reserving the right to use the image for publication and image rights retained by the painter.  Ships upon completion by the artist and when all payments have been made if choosing an installment plan  at the store.

Sponsor Now
If you wish to sponsor but pay by check, mail payment to Naphtali Press, P. O. Box 141084, Dallas, Texas 75214. If you wish to sponsor at one of the levels that are limited, contact me first to ensure it is available and the item or one of the items blocked off for you. 

Thank you everyone very much for having made the first two years of Naphtali Press Special Editions a reality, and I hope I can count on your continued sponsorship to ensure a successful third year in this important and exciting series of books.
Chris Coldwell
Naphtali Press
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