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Tri-Rail: It’s Our System

Unlike Brightline, Tri-Rail is a publicly funded commuter rail system.  As taxpayers we pay for Tri-Rail’s service and equipment including the tracks, trains and stations. As a public transit system, it is designed to be a low-cost alternative to commuting by car and helps ease traffic congestion on our over-crowded highways. As a public service, it is the responsibility of a Board of Directors and their appointed Executive Director to manage the system in the best interests of the public and to protect the public’s investment.  Whether we are riders or not, we should all want the system to be effective... Read More

The Children's Trust 20th Anniversary

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Be Strong International- Michelle Shirley welcomes Ana VeigaMilton, Esq. President of the Jose Milton Foundation

Ana VeigaMilton, Esq., President of Jose Milton Foundation,
joins Michelle Shirley on Be Strong International
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Michael Miller is with Christi Fraga,
City of Doral Mayor

Michael Miller is with Christi Fraga, City of Doral Mayor
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Bolay Grand Opening at
Town Center Aventura

What’s better than eating delicious? How about eating Fresh, Bold, and Delicious? Town Center Aventura is excited to welcome Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen to its roster of 10+ restaurants and eateries. Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen celebrated its Grand Opening on Thursday, 1/12/23 and they’re happy to satisfy your lunch or dinner cravings with their chef-crafted “Bols”. You may also select from a variety of fresh greens, grains and proteins paired with sauces, and marinades to “Build your Bol”, order family packs or party... Read More

Everybody’s health tells a story.

What’s yours?

At the moment, health care is often one-size-fits-all. But imagine a future where your health care is tailored to you. All of Us wants to make that future possible. How? By creating a resource that allows researchers to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease... Read More

Historical Memorabilia and Original Iconic ‘Butch Cassidy’ and ‘Sundance Kid’ Western Outlaw Photo Coming to Auction, Jan. 26
For over a century, the Wild Bunch legend has captivated Americans with its gripping tale of wild-west outlaws and daring Pinkerton detectives. Now, an incredible opportunity is available for one lucky individual to own a piece of wild west history – the iconic original photo used to capture and track down notorious outlaws Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid and their Wild Bunch... Read More

The Addiction Show with Host Miller Myers and guest Bill McHale from Evoke Wellness

Miller Myers and Bill McHale, from Evoke Wellness, discuss overcoming alcoholism as they work to treat veterans suffering from addiction.
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Aziari Miami

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Deering Estate hosts a Valentine’s Day concert under the stars

The “Moonlight & Music” Valentine’s Day Concert at the Deering Estate offers couples and friends the opportunity to celebrate their love at an outdoor concert under the stars on Tuesday evening, February 14, 2023. Guests can pack a picnic, preorder food or purchase food when they arrive, then settle into their lawn chair or cozy up on a blanket and enjoy the sounds of this year’s featured artist, contemporary Jazz Singer Bianca Rosarrio with an... Read More

Grant Miller speaks with

Mayor Manny Cid of Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes Mayor, Manny Cid sits down for a one on one with Grant Miller to discuss the latest in Miami Lakes as they celebrate 20 years since the city's founding.
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War and Peace: An Analysis of
the China Problem
There’s been no shortage of coverage on the rising tensions between the United States and China over Taiwan over the past few months and make no mistake, the conflict of interests in the region is likely going to reach a boiling point. But what exactly is going on? In the midst of these rising tensions, there is a lot of finger pointing and military flexing for a small island that fancies itself an independent country despite never officially declaring itself one. With billions in humanitarian and military aid being dedicated to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, it’s not hard to imagine that many Americans are loath to get involved in another conflict with a major power in a different part of the world... Read More

The Community Voice is with Danielle Yablonka, Carly Orshan and Denise Tamir

Denise Tamir, Board of Directors, Carly Orshan, Director at Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education, Danielle Yablonka, Student at CAJE, and Fara Sax, Host of The Community Voice, discuss antisemitism and the importance of credible sources in dispelling myths and prejudices.
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U.S. Navy to Showcase SEAL Virtual Reality Experience at South Florida High Schools

Navy Outreach and Diversity leaders will visit G. Holmes Braddock High School on Tuesday, January 24 and Coral Glades High School on Thursday, January 26 in search of high-ability students who have what it takes to excel in high-demand STEM fields, such as nuclear engineering, cryptology, IT and health care. The Navy also will share information about its $180,000 ROTC Scholarship Program, which pays full college tuition for students with exceptional academic and leadership credentials. The main attraction will be the Nimitz, a mobile, state-of the-art virtual reality experience that simulates an actual high-speed SEAL mission... Read More

Inspire Health is here

Click here to read the Jan/Feb issue of South Florida's #1 health and wellness magazine.
  • Chef Chris Valdes
  • Turkey garlic meatballs
  • Superfoods galore
  • Keeping kids entertained

2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Jailbreak

is Feast for the Eyes

The “demonic red laguna” leather-trimmed seats are comfortable and well-branded, with the SRT symbol clearly marked. They feel snug, wrapping around your body as you sit down and providing support as your drive. They are beautiful: from the white stitching that’s all around to the design, which is made to look like what you would expect in a luxurious racecar. The Dodge Challenger SRT Jailbreak has one of the most powerful engines on the street. The supercharged machine produces more than 800 horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque. The gas mileage is 13 miles per gallon in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highway... Read More

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