A letter from Paul to Doc
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We’re just back from Beyond Tellerrand, in Düsseldorf. To varying degrees, while Covid still rages across the globe, the implications on the activities of a great number of people have diminished, and for certain large cohorts of folks, including us, in-person events are back.

Beyond Tellerrand is a good reference for us: Marc, the organiser, used Tito for selling tickets and Vito for providing a space for in-person attendees, live-streaming, and speaker info.

I really liked using Vito at an in-person event. I loved that the schedule was always at my fingertips, and updated live throughout the event. I enjoyed having a non-Twitter space to share comments, although I guess we could do more to encourage folks to participate. I loved how I could get instant details about the current speaker, although I guess I also wished that it was easier to find the speaker online (which Vito allows, but maybe we can help encourage that too).

So: let's take what we’ve learned, fix what we can, and ship this. We’ve made a product that not only allows folks to share live-streams online, but also makes an in-person event better in the ways that we hoped and predicted.

I want Vito to be better, of course, but I also want every event that I go to to have a Vito hub. Seriously.


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