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MARCH 2022 
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Refer a Friend

Take Advantage of Our Referral Perks!

Do you know another organization who would benefit from increasing their exposure through our Google Ad Grant management services? As a way of saying "thank you," if you refer another nonprofit to NPM and they end up hiring us, we give you a free month of service. So don't be shy–help us spread the word!

How it works:
  • You suggest an eligible organization through this form on our website
  • Our team will reach out to the specified contact at the organization, letting them know you thought they might benefit from our services and see if they would like to learn more
  • If the recommended organization ends up becoming a client as well, we will let you know and your organization will receive a FREE MONTH OF SERVICE!
Who makes a good referral?
  • The organization must be an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • The organization cannot be a hospital, school, or government agency 
  • Their website must be hosted on their own domain 
Not quite sure yet who that you know might be interested? Don't worry–this opportunity is available all year! Already have someone in mind? Head on over to our website and complete the referral form to let us know who it is! 
CLOZTALK believes that clothes can spark conversations,
raise awareness, and build communities through human connection.
Their mission is to help brand awesome organizations like yours through premium nonprofit apparel ... at NO COST TO THE NONPROFIT. They want to take the promotion and branding off your plate, so your team can focus on your mission and the people you serve.
If you are a 501(c) nonprofit, you can apply to CLOZTALK. They produce quality apparel with your nonprofit's name and logo on it. And they are non-exclusive, so you can make your own apparel too. Check out their work and see all the amazing nonprofits they are helping to raise awareness!
Formatting Blogs for Success
Blogs are one of the most effective ways to ensure that your site consistently provides fresh content to draw more traffic. With millions of blogs saturating the internet, you may think a blog won’t make a big difference for your organization, but that’s not true. Organizations that blog report 97% more links to their website and 434% more indexed pages in search engines! However, it’s essential to format your blogs for easy reading to get the full benefit.

Even the most well-written blog with stellar content won’t deliver if it’s challenging to read. For example, dense text in a small font lacking a visual component isn’t very inviting. Also, keep in mind that many people scan blogs, so organizing content ensures visitors see your main points.

5 Tips for Blog Formatting
  • Write short paragraphsBreak up text with bold, large headings
  • Bold keywords the first time they appear
  • Use bullet points or numbers to break up long sections of text
  • Consider including a table of contents to direct readers to sections
Formatting blog content to make it more readable can strengthen the user experience. As a result, your chances of ranking higher on Google also improve. Be sure to take the time for this very important step when posting new articles to your website!
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Best Practices
We Love Referrals -
& You'll Love the Perks!
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