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Take Your Nonprofit to the Finish Line

with End-of-Year Giving

We know you work hard all year long to fundraise for your organization, but did you know the last month is when it counts the most? According to Charity Navigator, 30% of all giving occurs in December and 12% occurs on the last three days.

This is a charitable time of year and people are much more likely to give back. It’s crucial to plan ahead for this season and use all of your tools to bring in donations from the many people who want to support your cause. Let’s go through some of the major components that contribute to end-of-year giving.Start PlanningJust like when you realize the holidays are days away and you only have one gift purchased, end-of-year giving opportunities can sneak up on you. Start planning early so your organization has plenty of options. You want to draw in donors before they’ve exhausted all of their donation funds...
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Monday, Nov. 8th

Get best practices for creating a YouTube Channel and compelling video content that promotes your products and services and drives engagement with your brand.
Thursday, Nov. 25 & 26

The NPM team will be off for Thanksgiving Day and the day after, so emails and requests will be responded to when we are back in the office on Monday, November 29th.
Giving Tuesday
Monday, Nov. 29th

The biggest giving day of the year is almost here! Check out this article for tips and strategies about how your organization can make the most of this day.
We are proud of our team at NPM and love to sing their praises whenever we have the opportunity. this month, we are pleased to introduce you to...

Mackenzie Griffin
Senior Sales Advisor/Senior Client Account Manager

What kind of work you do for NPM?

I’m a Senior Sales Advisor here at NPM but also have a core group of clients that I have been working with to manage their Google Grant for the last few years. This means that while I’m privileged to meet new people and learn about new missions each day, I’m able to keep my management skills sharp and really connect with my own clients as well.  
What do you like about the work that you do for NPM?

I enjoy working here because I know I’m making a difference. The Google Grant is an extremely powerful tool to drive traffic and awareness and I know how important every mission is that we connect with. 

Is there an interesting "Behind The Scenes" Story you would like to share?

When I started here in 2019, I was a Client Happiness Manager. From that time, my role has evolved as the company has grown. I’ve always managed accounts but now I’m able to teach more people about the Google Grant every day as a Sales Advisor!

What is some advice that you would give to future and current clients?

Consider what questions your target audience is asking when you’re creating new content. Google is designed to answer our questions so make sure that you’re addressing the most important things that align with your work and mission! 
"Make sure that you’re addressing the most important things that align with your work and mission!"
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