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Treks, climbs, river running and kayaking trips that you have always wanted to do. We’ve been in the outdoor business for nearly 3 decades and know why and how much you love these trips. Don't postpone, don't overthink, just strike off these trips from your bucket list in 2022!
Signature Trips 2022
Africa's highest, Kilimanjaro
Feb 20-Mar 02 | Customs dates
Jin us on our climb to the roof of Africa, to the summit at Uhuru.  
Our remote northern route has a much higher summit rate, and our leaders experienced with Africa, and can custom build a climb almost around the year! 

Kali, Jungle Book adventure
Mar 05 - Mar 12


The river flows past terraced farms of Kumaoni and Nepali villages, fresh water streams, sandy beaches, thick tropical jungles, plantations as we travel downstream through the terai belt negotiating exciting white water.

Gokyo Lakes Trek
Apr 09 - Apr 22

The 15 day Gokyo Lakes trek gives great views of Mt Everest and Mt Cho Oyu without the bustling crowds. The village of Gokyo is truly stunning with its emerald green lakes and herds of yaks wandering freely.  Away from the busier EBC route, this is our recommendation! 

Tons Thriller- A Hidden Paradise Apr 16 - Apr 21
Amazing scenery, world class whitewater make this a premier expedition for the white water paddler. We run several rapids ranging from Class III to Class IV+/V, with whitewater sections separated by maybe a hundred yards or less of flat water. It aims to propagate the sheer adrenaline and magic of taking on 40 kms of quality whitewater from Gyunhatti till Tiuni, in what could possibly be, one of the finest whitewater experiences possible.
Everest Base Camp Trek
Apr 22-May 09

Ever since the days of early climbing expeditions, the highest point on Earth has had a lure of its own, drawing climbers and trekkers to it like a magnet. Naturally, the trail to the base of Everest has become one of the most popular trekking routes in the world, attracting more than 400 people on the trail per day during season.

During the trek we follow the main Everest Base Camp trail, the route pioneered and still used by climbing expeditions that attempt the peak from Nepal side. We visit the Base Camp at 17,600 ft and soak in the energy of teams working their way to the summit.

Bali Pass
May 07 - May 15
Trek through quaint villages, alpine meadows covered with wildflowers, moraine ridges and glacier basins to get magnificent views of Swargarohini – I, II, III, Bandarpoonch and Blackpeak – all this make for an excellent hike in early spring and the post monsoon.

Traill's Pass - Pindari to Lawan
May 13 - May 30
What faces a visitor to Pindari glacier at the Zero Point, along its left lateral moraine, is an immense wall of jagged, broken ice crisscrossed with thousands of seracs and crevasses. The upper icefields of the glacier are invisible from there and the near level ice mass at its lower end at the snout below recedes into insignificance. What people call the Pindari glacier is actually a huge icefall passing over a steep slope, through which a direct ascent has yet to be made.

Gangotri to Badrinath trek
Jun 03 - Jun 19
Connecting the two holy shrines of Gangotri and Badrinath, this trail traverses from one glacier to the other to cross the high pass of Kalindi just under 6000m.
We begin by following the ages-old ‘Pilgrim’s Trail’ to the source of the mighty Ganges at Gaumukh, and from here we journey into the mountainous heart of Garhwal.

Ladakh to Kashmir Traverse
Aug 24 - Sep 03

This amazing, demanding, classic trek which starts from Pannikhar in Suru valley of Kargil is beautiful contrast of stark and green landscape.  Glaciers, moraines, scree, boulders, crevasses, alpine meadows, snow, river crossings, lakes, passes, flora & fauna, animals, snow, rain, sunshine, winds, history, culture, … name it … and above all beautiful transitions or confluences, a true Aquaterra signature trek.

Audens Col, the Holy Grail
Sep 17 - Oct 01

The Auden’s Col Trek is the Holy Grail of trekking in the Himalayan region of Garhwal in Uttarakhand, offering the finest multi-terrain challenge you will encounter. It is situated on the connecting ridge of Gangotri III (6577 m) and Jogin I (6465 m), small depression between the two mighty massifs. This is one of the most scenic walks in the Himalaya, all the way till Reeh, where the road has moved up the valley.

Panpatia Col Trek
Oct 08 - 22
Between two of the most haloed pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas lies a land that nurtures a legend worthy of difficult discovery and extreme exploration. A tale that has drawn feted explorers of the like of Meade, Shipton and Tilman, Martin Moran, Harish Kapadia, and countless other intrepid souls. They were all drawn by the lore that a priest from Badrinath would trek to Kedarnath in a day.
Kirti Gangotri glacier Trek
Oct 15 - 23
It starts from the 18th century temple of Gangotri and goes beyond the source of Ganga through orchards of coniferous pine trees and birch to the meadow of Tapovan, favorite spot for sadhus. A plethora of sights and experiences in the shadow of Himalayan giants – the Bhagirathi massif and the beautiful Shivling peak makes it one of the most scenic treks of India. 
Subansari, Asia's last wild river
Dec 01 - 11
With steep gorges and a 100km of uninhabited wilderness below Daporijo, few rivers can claim to have such diversity as this beautiful drainage that helps form the Majuli island as it enters the plains. Starting at Taliha or So Nala, the trip begins with challenging whitewater and moves downriver to camp on beautiful beaches. 

Across the Parang La 
Jul 22 - Aug 06
This amazing walk crosses the Parang pass, to an almost incredible change of scenery as we walk towards the Rupshu plains of Changthang, known for the abundance of Kiangs (Tibetan Wild Ass)
No habitation for 8 days, this one must be on your list for sure!

India Mountaineering Course
Sep 17 - Sep 28


Distinguished among climbing schools, our twelve-day program has been the foundation of the education programs by Alpine Ascents for over 20 years. With the Alpine Ascents base now in India, you have access to one of the best glacier training areas in India, in many ways second to none after AA programs in the USA.

Zambezi Rafting & Luangwa Safari
Sep 23- Oct 03
Victoria Falls, Livingstone Adventures, Zambezi White Water Rafting & South Luangwa, here are a couple of the 1000 places to see before you die!
The Victoria Falls is where the wide Zambezi River simply drops some 100 meters into a narrow gorge. The Falls are one of the seven wonders of the world. You can choose to go visit the Devils Pool at the edge of Victoria Falls, walk with the lions, do the Vic Falls tour, abseil, leap off God’s Swing, try out the zip line, or jump off 111 meters from a bridge over the mighty Zambezi ! A sunset cruise on the Zambezi is certainly a must-do.

Nanda Devi East Basecamp
Oct 08 - Oct 23
In the northern most frontiers of the Kumaon Himalayas, the Johar Valley remains to be one of the less frequented but well coveted destinations for the true lovers of the Himalayas. Lately with relaxation of the inner line permit it has now become possible to walk up to the Nanda Devi base camp through the Johar Valley from Munsiyari.

Siang River, Everest of Rivers
Nov 19 - 30

An exciting journey down one of the world’s greatest rivers, an option only for the true adventurer. It negotiates the finest big volume white water in one of the most inaccessible in the world. Impenetrable gorges,  30 ft high wave trains, kilometer long rapids and amazing beaches as one expeditions down the Siang, this is an adventure to tell the grandkids about.
Kameng River Expedition        Dec 11-  19
The Kameng forms the boundary between East Kameng District and West Kameng Districts and is also the boundary between the Sessa and Eaglenest sanctuaries to its west and the Pakke tiger reserve to the east. Adding to the trilogy of our offerings on the Upper Siang, Subansari and Lohit rivers, the Kameng is a fascinating medium-large volume river trip with surprisingly consistent rapids, deep gorges, pristine camps and well kept old forests.
Available all year !
Active lodge adventures don't get better than this. From our own river licenses, equipment, guides, we offer adventures out of our lodge overlooking the Ganga river. From climbing, high ropes, raft, kayak, SUP, hikes, pool, spa, bike, or combinations of all, this is your go-to place for adventure that doesn't need a plan! 


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We are back at a new destination - on the horns of the Tons!

CAN YOU HAC IT? Jun 16-19


During a 3-day period in the summer of 2022, a brand new adventure challenge will unfold in the little known Tons valley, bordering Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Nestled within the steep slopes and a densely forested hillsides of the valley lies the course in which elite adventurers will test the limits of endurance in teams of 4 as they battle the natural environment, themselves and each other within this cradle of some of India’s most impressive scenery and intriguing cultures, a contest will unfold unlike any other of its kind. 


CAN YOU HAC IT? Dec 16-18


With four categories operated over a lovely December weekend, this is the original tri adventure, a bike-hike-paddle over a 55 km course, One that will challenge you, even humble you. Our 10th edition each winter is the primo limbs and lungs adventure challenge!