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Senate Bill 736 is Kicking

 Us While We’re Down

I guess the politicians in Tallahassee think that with COVID-19 impacting our families and businesses, we aren’t going to notice a bill that makes it harder for homeowners to go after developers for building unsafe houses and condos. Well, I noticed. The Florida Senate and the state’s homebuilders and developers and their lobbyist minions should be ashamed of themselves and stop Senate Bill 736 in its tracks. And, Northeast Florida Sen. Travis Hutson (R-St. Augustine), the bill’s sponsor, should stop... Read More

Grant Miller Visits the European Collision Center in South Miami

Grant Miller Visits the European Collision Center in South Miami on 6845 SW 59th Pl! They are Locally Owned and Have Been Serving Miami for Over 36 Years and Counting. Come on Down for All Your Car Needs!
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Negotiating Lower Group Health Plans

Do you understand how your organization’s health plan renewal is calculated? Employers are often confused and left with no explanation when final health plan renewal rates are 5% to 7% lower than the initial proposed renewal. Frequently, the difference between the initial renewal proposal and the final rates can be attributed to competitive threats. The insurer anticipates that the broker may threaten to market the account to other carriers if the renewal rates are too high. This broker strategy is fundamentally flawed, as the starting point of negotiations are artificially inflated... Read More

Everybody’s health tells a story.

What’s yours?

At the moment, health care is often one-size-fits-all. But imagine a future where your health care is tailored to you. All of Us wants to make that future possible. How? By creating a resource that allows researchers to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease... Read More

The birds are back! Conservation Concert season reboot, Jan. 29

After a 22-month pandemic hiatus Tropical Audubon Society’s Conservation Concert series will reboot on Saturday, Jan. 29, with Take Sixx inaugurating the birding organization’s signature concert series for the 12th year. Their volunteerism has set the tempo for other local bands to follow in their footsteps on the storied Doc Thomas House Keystone Stage... Read More

Join in on a year long Celebration

Village of Palmetto Bay 20th Anniversary

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Smorgasburg to make Miami

debut in Wynwood in March

Smorgasburg, the largest open air food market in America with locations in New York and Los Angeles, is launching in Miami in the heart of Wynwood, 2612 NW Second Ave., in March. A play on the Swedish word “smorgasbord,” meaning a wide array of foods, and the location for the market’s debut in Williamsburg, upon opening in 2011, Smorgasburg instantly became a popular destination for New Yorkers regularly drawing upwards of 10,000 weekend visitors in search of a great afternoon of eating, drinking and meeting up with friends... Read More

Miami Community Health is LIVE

Miami Community Health is LIVE with Dr. Anthony Gonzalez
and Dr. Ronald Tolchin
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Shame on the Miami Herald

The Miami Herald has recently been in the news for refusing to run a Florida Power & Light opinion-editorial that presented the utility’s side of a story about solar policy in our state. I guess when the Herald wants your opinion – they’ll give it to you! When the Herald did finally publish FPL’s response, the paper took the liberty of editing much of what FPL had to say. Does the Herald really think it’s okay to censor ideas that don’t fit their narrative... Read More

Grant Miller visits Josh's Premium Meats!

Grant Miller visits Josh's Premium Meats! They have one of the most incredible meat selections throughout the country. Josh is a local guy so make sure to check him out!
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Gloria's Gab is LIVE with Chef Jared Case from The Restaurant Dudes

Gloria's Gab is LIVE with Chef Jared Case from The Restaurant Dudes #thatscommunity #coralgables #food
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Life Time Miami Marathon Seeks Volunteers to Assist Runners on Feb. 6, 2022

The Life Time Miami Marathon is seeking volunteers to be part of the event’s historic 20th anniversary year on Sunday, February 6. All volunteers receive an event volunteer shirt, snacks, and drinks. Volunteer groups of 10+ are eligible for a donation pending completion of the entirety of their shift. The donation can be up to $700 depending on the shift and the number of shifts worked during the weekend. Interested volunteers can email... Read More

Filmmaker Paul Bachow sits down with

Fara Sax, The Community Voice

Filmmaker Paul Bachow sits down with Fara Sax, The Community Voice
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“An Iniquitous Mishmash” At Your Service EP #26 is LIVE with Haber and Martinez

“An Iniquitous Mishmash” At Your Service EP #26 is
LIVE with Haber and Martinez
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Floridian Furniture

Visit our extensive furniture showroom from the
world’s best manufacturers:

4795 SW 8th Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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Inspire Health is here

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PuroClean Aventura
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The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2LT Coupe Convertible wins in design

The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2LT Coupe Convertible starts at about $69,500 and it’s worth every penny. The Stingray is an American icon with staying power that has gained in the new year. Who wouldn’t want to drive one of the most consistent head turners in the car industry. When you are behind the wheel of a convertible Stingray, you know it and so does... Read More
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