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Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Every volunteer-driven organization knows the importance of a good volunteer recruitment process. That process ensures your organization can attract the right people and capture all the volunteer information you need to schedule, manage, and engage with supporters. 

More and more, people are looking online for volunteer opportunities, which makes investing in the right online tools more important than ever. Investing in volunteer management software with a great volunteer database, scheduling tool, and communication capabilities will help your organization streamline your volunteer recruitment process so that it eventually runs like a well-oiled machine. 

Keep these five strategies in mind as you work to streamline your volunteer recruitment process: 


Strategically designed for charities to capture your donor’s hearts! Our friends at The Charity Design Co. are offering this great deal, even connecting useful tech so can get you back to changing the world. Each template comes with a customized workbook + video resources; launching your site in 3 days… EASY!
Looking for a new nonprofit job? Maybe some fundraising tips? Head to Nonprofit Learning Lab's website for info on all of the above!

If you missed our webinar last month about how to get started with fundraising on Facebook, you can still catch the replay! Watch the recording and learn how nonprofits are utilizing Facebook fundraising to drive new donor acquisition and revenue growth.
Keyword Research Basics
If you want to drive more traffic to your site and rank higher with Google (“I don’t want that,” said no one ever), you have to start with quality content. And quality content begins with keywords.
Keyword research is the first step. Keywords offer insight into what people are searching for and the exact words and phrases they use. With that information, you can make sure the content you develop addresses what people search for, weaving in your organization’s expertise.
Elements of Keyword Research

There are three main elements to pay attention to when conducting keyword research.

1. Relevance
Google ranks content for relevance. Your content will only rank if it meets the searchers' needs. Your content must also be the best resource for the query to rank highly with Google.

2. Authority
Google will provide more weight to sources it deems authoritative. Exert your subject matter expertise by enriching your site with helpful, informational content and promoting that content to earn social signals and backlinks. 


3. Volume
This is not a “Build-it-and-they-will-come” process. Unless your keywords have a good monthly search volume, they won’t deliver.
Using keyword research is the best way to develop content that delivers traffic to your site that could be a conversion opportunity.

We are proud of our team at NPM and love to sing their praises whenever we have the opportunity. this month, we are pleased to introduce you to...

Vanessa Rohrer 
Senior Client Happiness Manager

What kind of work do you do for NPM?

I am a Senior Client Happiness Manager here at NPM. As a Client Happiness Manager, I collaborate closely with organizations and help raise awareness of their mission using the Google Grant.

Is there an interesting "Behind The Scenes" story you would like to share?

We have set internal core values. These values are a set of principles or guidelines that we use to lead how we interact with team members and clients. I’d like to highlight one of our core values: honorable. NPM team members are honorable. We believe in doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. These core values are important to the foundation of NPM and have created a positive work environment. 

What do you like about the work that you do for NPM?

I feel that at NPM my professional purpose and personal purpose both align. As Client Happiness Managers, we get to work with organizations that we have deep connections with. We aren’t just assigned accounts. The organizations we work with are special to us. This means that I am truly passionate about the organizations I work with directly and my work makes me feel connected to those organizations and to the people they serve. Overall, I feel that my role at NPM allows me to make a difference in the world and contribute to positive change. 

What is some advice that you would give to future and current clients?

High-quality content is important. To drive more traffic and engagement to your website, it’s key to include content that is searchable, informational, and educational. New content helps keep your website active and your information relevant to your visitors. High-quality content is a key factor of success to driving more traffic to your site with the Google Grant.
"The organizations we work with are special to us. This means that I am truly passionate about the organizations I work with directly and my work makes me feel connected to those organizations and to the people they serve. "
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