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This newsletter is an experiment of sorts: Paul and I email each other weekly, with you lovely people bcc’d. Please hit reply if you’d like to talk to me about anything I cover below.


Hey Paul,

I’m a bit reflective this evening... as you know we had our first exit interview earlier today with Maria who is heading for new horizons after this week. Maria has been a fantastic colleague over the last four years and she’ll be sorely missed. The questions we asked during the interview resulted in some candid and valuable feedback for us. In particular, there’s plenty to feed into the onboarding processes for our next hires which is great. I don’t know about you but hearing that she felt that as a company we were approachable, transparent and values-driven was heartwarming. It’s one thing to try to have this approach but another to hear it confirmed from someone leaving the team. Especially since the day-to-day can sometimes feel like a challenge.

This also ties in with having spent some time reviewing and updating the content of our About Us page as we move it to its new home on The site is still a bit of a work in progress but it will allow us to centralise information that is company-related rather than specific to Tito or Vito. There you’ll also see our new jobs page where some open roles will be going live soon. I walked through it all with Kim yesterday and she’s super happy with this as a way to show our transparency and to make the job application process as welcoming as possible, particularly for those typically marginalised in the tech world. I’m looking forward to (and have much more confidence in) getting these jobs out in the wild.

The other thing I’ve been doing is refreshing the HSE page as my age group was supposed to be able to register for the vaccine from today. I’m happy to wait though... given their entire IT system was brought down a couple of weeks ago by a cyberattack, it’s a wonder they have anything working at all. How broken must your moral compass be to bring a nation’s health system to its knees...

Anyway, maybe something to chat about tomorrow at our weekly Office Hours stream  (4pm Irish time).

Until next week,

— Doc

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