Finding a pace that works for us...
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Sorry I'm late this week. Time is flying by at such a pace. You're getting vaccinated tomorrow, and I expect Ireland will open up registration for under 40s soon and then... international travel, and then our old product and new product will be hand-in-hand, staring down the future.

The past few weeks have seen us pick up some good momentum. Something you and I have always talked about is being able to announce new stuff on a near weekly basis. Sometimes years passed without us announcing any Tito updates, but we’re getting better at this.

Look at what we've done in the last few weeks:

(it's handy having a changelog channel in Slack to look back at how much we're getting done)

It was strange saying goodbye to Maria last week. We’re now full-time five white dudes and one white woman. We have more work to do on diversity and inclusion than ever, but we’ve put a lot of work—you in particular— on putting processes, policies and procedures in place to ensure folks from marginalised backgrounds will feel safe working with us. Like everything else though, it seems like there’s so much more to do.

But you know what? Momentum brings with it something that can get lost in the minutiae of those processes, policies and procedures: fun. Things are fun right now. Shipping new features, seeing customers use them, showing off the Tito work that went on ice for so long, showing off Vito features that we’ve been scrambling to ship quickly. And very soon shipping Vito billing. For the most part, it’s all working. When things are working, there’s only one more thing to do: talk about it!

See you at 4pm today to do just that. 


P.S. Momentum is also the name of the 3FE coffee blend that I drink every day. It's delicious. Full disclosure: 3FE is an investor in Team Tito Limited.

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