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APRIL 2022 
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Using Visuals to Enhance Your Content
Humans have short attention spans. You have mere seconds to grab visitors' attention, engage them, and eventually convert them to supporters. 

The human brain is hardwired for visuals. Research shows that half of our brains are focused on processing visual content and that 65% of people are visual learners. So, intersperse your written content with visuals to make your content engaging and memorable. Visual content includes pictures, diagrams, charts, infographics, online videos, screenshots, memes, and slide decks.

Of course, slapping any visual into your content and expecting results won’t work, but keep these things in mind for successful integration. 

Tips on Using Visuals to Support Written Content

Stay Relevant
Make sure the graphics you choose enhance the written content instead of competing with it. Think about how to express your main points with an engaging visual. 

Keep It Simple
Don’t clutter your site with visuals. A few visuals bring attention to your content, but too many can make it hard to digest. 

Fit the Medium
A blog may not need more than a couple of pictures, while a presentation may require professional charts and graphics. Choose visuals appropriate to the setting in which you want to present them. 

Using visuals to grab your readers’ attention and further your story simultaneously can increase your success.

APRIL 6 - 8

Heads up that we will be closed the dates listed above for our annual NPM company retreat. We will return to normal operations on Monday, April 11th. :)
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