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February 2023

President & Vice President

We Have Ambitious Goals!
The North Jeffco Tennis Club (NJCT) has ambitious goals for the coming year and beyond. The club has a strong commitment to improving the tennis community in Arvada, CO, and the surrounding areas.

We’d like to share a closer look at the club's plans, goals, and agenda for 2023 and. Please click on the following link to read all about it, be in the know, and get involved!
NJTC… A Lifetime of Community
NJTC Goals
Spring Cleanup graphic
With spring leagues gearing up to start the 2023 season, NJTC is stepping up to help get our local courts get ready for league play and we need your assistance!

In early March the club will be holding Court Clean Up Days, where NJTC teams and NJTC members, along with local high school players, teams and volunteers will work together to clear and clean up the courts around Arvada. Tasks will include, sweeping or blowing off courts, clearing trash, checking nets, hanging wind screens and possibly shoveling snow (hopefully not!).

This is a great way to meet your fellow club members, get involved in the community and have fun! If you would like to volunteer your team, or individually, please use this link: or contact Anne Leoni at to get involved – many hands are needed to help!

We need your help!!!

Volunteer Here!


The 2023 Tennis Season has officially kicked off! Teams are forming and registration for Trio, 18+ Mixed and 18+ Adult is under way. If you are looking for a team please visit and look for the Players tab. Choose the Looking For a Team or the I want to Captain tab.
NJTC Club Membership continues to grow and as a result we will again have staggered matches for some leagues and will continue to play out of MULTIPLE locations. The Apex Tennis Center (ATC) is our home-court facility, but we also utilize many other locations to play matches. Always double check 48 hours prior to matches the location and amenities available and communicate that to your team and opponents as they may not realize we do not always play at ATC. Visit for location information.
NJTC Club Dues MUST be paid prior to playing any league match. Please visit and click the Membership tab to pay the 2023 membership fee that fits your needs.
 USTA memberships must be renewed prior to playing any league match:
***Unpaid 2022 NJTC memberships that are outstanding must be paid in full prior to playing or registering for a team***
USTA Matches are not to be played on courts with pickleball lines. If a match is played it may result in a double default for BOTH teams. Reschedules are only allowed for inclement weather, darkness, playoff or championship conflicts or Federal Holidays. Rescheduling for other reasons may result in a double default for BOTH teams.
Captain and Co-Captain's meetings An additional Captains Meeting has been scheduled. If you are planning on Captaining or Co-Captaining you must  attend this meeting if you did not goan earlier one.
•Feb 21, 6:30 pm, Standley Lake Library
This meeting will be followed by a meeting for NEW captains, so please plan to stay on if you are new to captaining.
Jess Mitchell
Caitlin Bock
Kris Hansen


Winter Indoor Socials have been great, but Punxsutawney Phil says it’s time for warmer weather! The March 11th Social is sold out, but you can text me and get on the waiting list. The Big Dog Social is set for Saturday April 29th. If the weather cooperates, we might be able to break out the grill and do all 12 courts at the ATC with 8 outdoor courts for the 4.0+ players and 4 indoor courts for the rest of us. We might need a little help on this one, so if you can push snow off the courts or like to work the grill, let me know. Also, we are looking at May 20th for a Social but it’s not set yet, so keep on eye out for more info. on this one. This time of year is tricky due to the lovely Colorado weather!

Save the Date of June 17th for the Apex Grand Slam 5 Year Birthday Bash hosted by NJTC @ the ATC. I am told that this is going to be the Summer Kickoff event not to be missed and brought to you by our new dedicated Event Managers, Jen and Mollie 😎
CU on the courts! Kevin, your Social Guy
Text 24/7 to 303-803-8120
for more information and to register.



​Apex Tennis Center​

Programming & News

Looking forward to Spring tennis
and hopefully clear courts and
warmer weather.

In the meantime use the link
below to register for indoor drills!
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