UniteCT program offering rental and utility assistance
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Dear friends and neighbors,
Connecticut Department of Housing has received funding from the Federal stimulus legislation to provide rental assistance of up to $15,000 and utility bill assistance of up to $1,500 to qualified Connecticut households financially impacted by the COVID-19. Details of this program called UniteCT are as below. If you or someone you know is renting and has lost their job or experienced loss in income, you can access this program. If you need help, please do not hesitate to email or call me on my cell 203-571-9325.

Eligibility criteria: The program is available to Connecticut residents if they meet all of the following three conditions.
1. Experienced financial Hardship from COVID 19: This criteria is met by those who have lost their job or who have experienced a reduction in household income or incurred significant costs due to COVID.
2. Demonstrated risk of housing instability: This criteria can be met by providing a past due rent/utility notice, notice of eviction/shut off, or by proving that rent payment is more than 30% of income.
3. Certify that household income is at or below 80% of HUD-area median income: The 80% of HUD-area income differs for each town in Connecticut and can be found in the table HERE.

Priority Criteria: Eligible applicants will be prioritized if one or more members of the household has been unemployed OR the household has an income less than 50% of HUD-area income.

Assistance amount:  The monetary assistance may be provided for outstanding rental arrears of up to six months in the past or for three prospective months from the date of application. The utility assistance is available only for outstanding utility bills. Total rental assistance (arrears + prospective) is capped at $15,000. Total utility assistance is capped at $1,500 per household and may only include electric. Prospective payments will be issued directly to landlords in a lumpsum covering three months. Total amount of assistance will not exceed 15 months. Applicants will be required to contribute portion of their rents. 

Application process: You can start the process by registering HERE. Upon registration, you will get an email invitation to start your application process. Paper applications are not being accepted. The Yardi portal, which is being used for the application process is accessible through any computer or smartphone. The process can be initiated by either the tenant or the landlord. Tenants and landlords will work together to complete their sections of the application and track the progress online. HERE is link to the UniteCT guidelines. Here is their
Harry Arora

Ranking member - Labor and Public Employees committee

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