We have some great news on dryer courts at the Apex Tennis Center!
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Quick-dry courts are now within reach!
We have come to an agreement with Apex to be able to use the Vaptr Dryers at the Apex Tennis Center (ATC). These are $3,000 pieces of equipment, so please be careful when you use them. Follow this procedure.
  1. Watch these videos: https://youtu.be/bVYZShTFjb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUOAIsjmxBQ&ab_channel=VAPTR
  2. Check out Vaptr at front desk
  3. Follow instructions on use:
Before drying the court with the VAPTR ROLLR, clear all debris from the surface such as leaves, pine needles, sticks and/or stones.
Push the VAPTR ROLLR over a clean, wet court surface, using straight line passes. After 3 to 4 passes across the court, stop the VAPTR ROLLR near the side or end of a court to empty the water reservoir.  
To empty, just pull the VAPTR ROLLR in reverse for 6 inches, and the water will rush out the front of the machine in 2 seconds. Turn the VAPTR ROLLR around on its rear wheels and continue drying the court.
  1. Return Vaptr where you found it in as good as condition as you found it.
  2. Report any problems, issues or breakage immediately (NJTC is responsible for repairing or replacing if we break it).
  3. Report back to the front desk when you are finished.
Reading the email and video viewing is mandatory to use the Vaptr and we will be tracking and reporting eligible users to the front desk.
Thanks, and let's hope for good dry courts!

Jason Bolton
President, North Jeffco Tennis Club
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