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March 2023

President & Vice President

For the love of the Game
Are you ready to dust off your tennis racquet and hit the courts? The NJTC certainly is! With the start of league season just around the corner, the Club is gearing up for some serious tennis action.
Court Cleanup Before the games can begin, the Club needs your help. That's right, it's time for court cleanup! Don't worry, it's not all hard work; you'll have plenty of time to goof around with your teammates, pretending to be pro players while you sweep and scrub the court. If you really want to get into the spirit of things, why not adopt a court with your team? Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped get the Club and community ready for the season, but you'll also have a special connection to your court throughout the year.
Scholarship Program That's not all that's new at NJTC. The Club is also moving forward with a scholarship program to support young players who show promise on the court and the classroom. It's just one more way that NJTC is working to promote tennis and help players reach their full potential.
NJTC Club Hats Of course no tennis season would be complete without some stylish new gear. Keep an eye out for the latest NJTC Club Hats, which are sure to make you the envy of all your opponents.
What are you waiting for? Grab your racquet, rally your teammates, and get ready to show the league what NJTC is made of. With a little hard work, some good laughs, and a lot of love for the game, this is sure to be a season to remember.
NJTC… A Lifetime of Community
NJTC Goals 2023
Spring Cleanup graphic
• NJTC’s Spring Court Cleanup Continues: Thank you to the NJTC Members who helped out with our first court clean up at Arvada High School. The crew helped the school and the High School coach make a serious dent in their ice covered courts. Thank you to Kelly, Sue, Renee, Susan, and Kevin for your time, tools and muscle!
Next Court Cleanup Days are scheduled for March 11 & 12 (weather permitting). We are looking for NJTC teams and NJTC members, along with local High School players, teams and volunteers to work together to clear and up the courts around Arvada.
Tasks will include: sweeping or blowing off courts, clearing trash, checking nets, hanging wind screens and sometimes shoveling snow (hopefully not!). This is a great way to meet your fellow club members, get involved in the community and have fun!
If you would like to volunteer your team, or individually, please click below to register or contact Anne Leoni at [email protected]We hope you'll get involved – many hands are needed! Court locations to be announced.

We need your help!!!

Volunteer Here!
Kevin clearing ice off tennis court
Susan and Anne clear ice off tennis court
kelly clear ice off tennis court
Renee cleaning ice off tennis courts


League season is ready to kick off in April with Trio! Adult 18+ and Mixed 18+ already registering.
***Looking for a team or looking for players to add to your team? Visit and hover over the Players tab to select your category***
Club Representatives are here to help players and captains in filling/forming teams. If you need assistance contact the appropriate level representative. Please note that Mixed, 55+ and 65+ have their own representatives:
***Captains, if you need players for your roster, contact your level Club Rep***
All of our Club Representatives are available to coordinate/communicate with our membership and connect players and teams. They are a fantastic resource and are ready to assist everyone.
Updates this year from USTA include changes in days and season length to many daytime and evening leagues so be sure to look here for important updates: USTA Adult League Resources & Changes for the Season.
Please note that non-mandatory reschedules can result in a double default. USTA matches are not to be played on courts that have Pickleball lines. USTA has said if there is a problem with a match that does play on Pickleball lines this will also result in a double default.
Sportsmanship is a top priority. Please be good ambassadors for not only NJTC but the tennis community as a whole. USTA has implemented a strike system to deal with poor sportsmanship.
Upcoming dates to be aware of:
March 3 CTA TRIO and 18+ Mixed Minimum Roster deadline
March 10 USTA Adult 18+ Minimum Roster deadline
March 1 USTA Adult 55+ and CTA Womens Daytime Doubles registrations will open. Minimum Roster deadline is March 31.
Your League Coordinators for 2023
Caitlin Bock
Jessica Mitchell [email protected]


Big Dog Social On Saturday, April 29th we will be breaking out the grill and using all 12 courts at the ATC, with 8 outdoor courts for the Big Dogs (4.0+ players) and 4 indoor courts for the rest of us. The Big Dog format will be a fast-paced, continuous play with champions celebrated at the end of play by all. We were able to secure our special guest Joe Hendricks the music man and original Big Dog, so you know this is going to be fun! If you would like to help on this one, be ready to come early and help set up and possibly push some snow off the courts, set up tables, or work the grill, let me know.
Indoor/Outdoor Social Set for Saturday, May 20th, this Social will use both the indoor and outdoor courts if needed. This time of year, is tricky due to the lovely Colorado weather!
Summer Socials will be all outdoor events with the club providing dogs and brats, tasty beef and veggie burgers too, as well as wine and cold beer. If you like, please bring a dish to share.
Apex Grand Slam 5 Year Birthday Bash On Saturday, June 17th the NJTC will be hosting this major party @ the ATC. This is going to be the Summer Kickoff event not to be missed and brought to you by our fabulous Event Managers, Jen and Mollie 😎.
TANS aka Tennis Addicts and Nuts (that’s us) is currently playing Saturday mornings at the ATC and will be changing soon to Friday nights. Please email Julie Gall @ [email protected]. TANS is great for new and old players alike. Julie likes to mix it up, so come ready to play and have a good time.
CU on the courts! Kevin, your Social Guy
Text 24/7 to 303-803-8120
for more information and to register.


The Apex Tennis Center is turning five this year! Can you believe it? As their partner in all things tennis, North Jeffco Tennis Club wants to help the ATC celebrate in style! Won’t you join us?

Registration opens online May 12th:

NJTC 5th Birthday Bash for Apex Tennis Center graphic
If you have questions about the event or would like to inquire about volunteer opportunities for this event, contact Jen Stiebeling by email at:
[email protected]. Hope to see you all there!

​Apex Tennis Center​

Programming & News

Hello Friends of Apex Tennis,

We wanted reach out with a friendly reminder as to tennis etiquette when it comes to the Apex Tennis Center. 
  • Sign up for drills/lessons at your current USTA level. Drills are more fun and competitive when everyone is at their listed level.
  • When entering and exiting courts inside, please use the doors on Court 1 and Court 4. Please do not walk across Court 2 and 3 to get to those courts, especially if there are people playing or taking lessons on those courts.
  • The same can be said for the outside courts. If you are playing on a court that is on the outermost part of the facility, please use the gates for that court to enter the court. We know that means you may need to walk around to the back of Court 3 and Court 7 to enter instead of walking through Court 4 and Court 7.   You can also wait for a switch over to enter a court and quickly get to your court. It is a big tennis no-no to walk across the back of a court while others are playing. It can be dangerous for that player and a distraction to those on the court.
  • Try to wrap up any court time a minute or two early and exit quickly as we often have back to back reservations/lessons and drills that start at the same time your court time is ending.
  • If you are going to discard of your balls after playing with them, we ask that you please deposit them in the bins around the facility to be recycled. Please do not leave them lying on the trays, benches, or court for staff to pick up.    
  • If you have played on a clay court surface prior to coming to Apex, please make sure you have cleared your shoes of all the clay so they don’t leave tracks on our courts.
  • If you happen to spill any fluids on the court or midway, please let the desk staff know so we can help properly clean it up.
  • Please do not let children access the back storage area. This space is for staff only.
  • If you have gently used racquets or shoes to donate, we have bins within the facility where you can drop them off to be repurposed.
  • Please let us know if you see anything that needs attention maintenance wise or any concerns you may have.
  • Help us keep Apex looking brand new and a fun place to play tennis 😊
Register for Drills
Visit us online:
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