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This newsletter is an experiment of sorts: Paul and I email each other weekly, with you lovely people bcc’d. Please hit reply if you’d like to talk to me about anything I cover below.


Hey Paul,

It feels like we’re getting there. Having spent a couple of days playing around with the changes you are making on your branch they’re significant and I’m excited to see them live. It’s not a fancy redesign, or a big new shiny feature, but an embrace of flexibility for organisers building their hubs.

But we’re entering the danger zone… we’ve been there before and it’s probably everybody’s least favourite part of the process. What is good enough to get into production? What needs some tweaking? What do we abandon or roll back. Is this screen or feature or flow better? Or worse? Or as bad as what it is replacing?

There will be pressure from some to get it live. There will be pressure from others to make sure the overall user experience doesn’t suffer. Shipping it too early will have knock on effects on support and firefighting. Taking our time means we delay our public beta and lose potential sales.

With a chunky project like this it’s all a balance. But as I said we’ve been there before. We’ve seen months added to projects. We’ve seen the fallout from shipping too soon. Each time we get better at balancing.

We’re getting there.

I’m on a management course at the moment that Kim is running. The first two topics have been:

It makes sense that these topics and the ones that follow have been drilled into us for the last couple of years via our leadership coaching with Kim.  They form part of her Guiding Principles for building inclusive spaces.

Part of the exercise is to discuss with the other course participants your own experiences around these topics. Most have been from employees rather than founders and while reading company horror stories isn’t fun, it’s at least good to know that we have already taken a lot of steps in the right direction with the company work to date.

Again, we’re getting there.

Oh, I ran my first personal stream last weekend (on Vito of course).  Yes, it was keyboard related and no, nobody was watching live, but a few folks have watched the recording and left some nice comments. I was fairly happy with it other than some signature audio issues to start with.

A mutual friend left a really nice comment and mentioned I ”seemed super relaxed” which I 100% put down to you dragging me into doing Office Hours (mentally) kicking and screaming. It was only a couple of months ago I was begrudgingly agreeing to a weekly stream and I (almost) look forward to them now. So thanks for that.

Which reminds me, see you in ~90 minutes for our next episode!

— Doc

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