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 Connecting Digital and Direct Marketing
Direct mail can be a great way to communicate sincerity and establish relationships.

Physical media can leave a deeper mental impact than digital media. Quality correspondence expressing gratitude and illustrating the impact of a donation, coupled with a personal touch, can deeply resonate with your audience.

Use this to your advantage! Turn website visitors into direct mail recipients so you can foster advocates and create new supporters of your mission. Our newest tool allows you to collect the physical address of up to 20% of those visiting your site.

Content Creation Webinar
Monday, September 6

The NPM team will be off for Labor Day, so emails and requests will be responded to when we are back in the office on Tuesday, the 7th. 
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Join Bryan Caplan, Speaker for Grow with Google, for an info-packed webinar Learn how to reach more customers and grow your business with Google Ads. 

Tax Credit Nonprofits

Was your nonprofit negatively impacted by COVID restrictions? You may qualify for significant tax credits. Don't miss this important information–watch the replay now!
Does your organization focus on reaching people in need of healthcare? Though there are Google policy restrictions on advertising certain healthcare services, here are some ideas for what to do if your Ads account is struggling: 
  • Try creating some content that is separate from actual treatment or medications. Relevant blog posts work well if you keep them focused and to the point. Update your content often so your GM has more to advertise!
    • For blog posts, think like your audience. What do people with those health conditions need? What are they looking for? Provide informational articles, advocacy articles, help articles, idea articles for coping or support, fun activity ideas, or even articles on how different types of care providers can help. You can also create content on national awareness, disease information, non-pharmaceutical treatment, case stories, etc.
    • Create alternative opportunities to get involved in fundraisers or ”ways to give” opportunities. These can include non-monetary giving like volunteering time and energy, or donating items for the population you serve.
  • Think of related services people you’re trying to reach may need. Do they need better transportation to access healthcare? Architects/engineers to help adjust for a change in their abilities? Do they need financial assistance?
  • If you’re looking to increase supporters, try thinking of people who may know a loved one with certain health conditions or who may have experienced it themselves and want to help your cause. Create content directed at that audience.
  • Broaden your wording. If ads for a specific disease are not performing well, try broadening your landing page wording to include the type of disease it is. For example, if the focus was Huntington’s Disease, try including words such as “Brain Diseases” or “Movement Disorders” or “Rare Cognitive Disorders”.
    • You can also add synonyms to your landing page text. This way, your GM can use those synonyms as keywords to trigger ads and direct visitors to that page.
Finally, be sure to work with your GM to brainstorm new ideas. Your expertise on your organization combined with your GM’s expertise on Ads and Google policies will optimize your ad performance. Ultimately this collaboration will help your organization do better in reaching people in need of your services!
Written by: Bethany Lin, Grant Manager
We are proud of our team at NPM and love to sing their praises whenever we have the opportunity. this month, we are pleased to introduce you to...

Amber Snow
Grant Management Director/Integrator

What kind of work you do for NPM?

I support our team and clients in whatever ways I can be most helpful, and those needs change on a daily basis! Some of my tasks include account management, process improvements, big picture thinking, issue resolution, and keeping the team updated on internal and external changes. My main goals are to support everyone in their roles at NPM and to make sure that our clients are thrilled with NPM and our services.

What did you do before NPM? 

Before I found NPM, I was a professional pianist. I taught a lot of private, K-12, and college-level piano lessons, played in the pit for many musicals, and performed collaboratively with a wide variety of musicians. I also was a certified canine massage therapist and teacher. I studied and taught canine massage therapy in Colorado, the state that I now call home! While my full-time focus now is NPM, I still play and perform on piano frequently, and I regularly massage my dogs and friends’ dogs to keep up my skills, spread the joy, and improve their quality of life.
Slater Snow - NPM's Official Mascot
What do you like about the work that you do for NPM?

So many things. I love working closely with our team. Each person at NPM genuinely cares about their clients and the work that they do, and those benefits are passed on to you as our client! I love being a small part of each person’s success at NPM, and the constant improvement and development it takes to get us there. I love that we are always growing, improving, and changing as a company, because when we all look at “work” this way, everyone wins!

What is some advice you would give to our clients and future clients?

A high-quality website is critical to find the greatest success with the Google Grant. This includes some technical aspects (such as having a fast page load time, for example) as well as the all-important keyword-researched, mission-aligned content! In order to attract your future supporters and advocates, you must first have the content that aligns with what they’re Googling. This is where success starts, and the more variety in your content, the better. Once your website has laid a solid foundation with quality and content, you can rest assured that we’ll do our jobs extremely well and use the Ad Grant to bring interested people straight to that beautiful, informative website you have created.

You’ve been with NPM since August of 2017, so you have been with the company almost from the beginning. What do you remember about the earliest days?

When I joined the NPM team, I believe we had 20-25 clients. We were small, we were determined, we had fun, and we worked hard. Today, we are larger, yet we’re still determined, we still have fun, and we still work hard. From the beginning, we believed in what we were doing, and we knew that together, we could make a difference. I’m extremely proud of our team and the nearly 500 nonprofits we serve today, and I’m honored to have helped make it happen. The original dream is still coming true: NPM is here to help nonprofits thrive. I’m thrilled that we have been able to do that for so many hundreds of nonprofits, and am excited to continue expanding our support to even more organizations as they do important work for the world.
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