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Kent, WA School Board Considering Banning LGBTQ+ Themed Books

This is not the news I wanted to be reaching out to you with at the start of Pride Month... but since Pride was born out of protest, maybe it truly is fitting.

Please see this URGENT call to action from GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network):

In February of this year, the Principal of Cedar Heights Middle School in Kent removed "Jack of Hearts (and other parts)" by  Lev A.C. Rosen (and other books) from the library.  The book was the subject of a February 9th Kent School Board meeting and while it is still available, the Kent School District's Instructional Materials Committee has voted in favor of the banning of 'Jack of Hearts'. 
This is another attempt to target a marginalized population under the guise of 'protecting children'. It is not an accident that the only books being questioned feature queer people and themes.  Queer representation in literature is important and matters to our queer students.  

The Kent School Board will be discussing the potential for the banning of this book at their meeting this evening (see below).  
Read our Full Statement
Here are two actions you can take!
Email the School Board

You can take direct action by emailing the members of the Kent School District School Board and sharing with them why they should leave this book on the shelves.  
Leslie Hamada, President
[email protected]
(253) 263-0090
Joseph Bento, Vice President
[email protected]
(253) 561-4295
Awale Farah, Legislative Representative
[email protected]
(253) 329-6645
Michele Bettinger, Director
[email protected]
(253) 263-0146
Tim Clark, Director
[email protected]
(253) 329-6634

Share Your Story - IN PERSON! (TONIGHT!)
Sign up to provide public testimony at the meeting TONIGHT (12033 SE 256th Street, Kent, WA 98030). You're allowed 3 minutes, and you don't have to speak the entire time allotted.

The meeting starts at 7PM, but folks are encouraged to show up early (6PM) to sign up to speak, meet each other, etc. 

Link to the agenda: 
You can find the agenda on the left side of the Kent Board page.

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