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August 2023

President & Vice President

Summer High School Tennis Program
As we bid adieu to another fantastic summer, I am thrilled to share the resounding success of our Summer High School Tennis Program and the incredible teamwork between NJTC and APEX. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones, and it's my honor to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the individuals who made it possible.
First and foremost, I want to express my deepest appreciation to Kim Greason and Brent Anderson for their unwavering dedication in leading the staff to ensure the smooth running of this program. Their commitment and passion for the sport have been instrumental in creating a positive and nurturing environment for the young talents who joined us on the courts this summer. One of the most fulfilling aspects of our success is not only the growth and development of young tennis players but also the opportunity to give back to the community.
Tennis Youth Development
I'm thrilled to announce that, thanks to the overwhelming support of our members, we have raised a substantial amount of funds for both the CYTF (Colorado Youth Tennis Foundation) and APEX scholarship Fund. These contributions will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of aspiring athletes and provide them with the resources they need to pursue their dreams. None of this would have been possible without the boundless generosity and support of our club members. Your continued dedication to making a difference in the lives of others showcases the true spirit of NJTC, and I commend each and every one of you for your kindness and philanthropy.
Check presentation to CYTF 07/29/23
Check presentation to Apex Fund 07/20/23
NJTC Budget on Track
While the Summer High School Tennis Program has been a roaring success, we did encounter some unexpected expenses this year. However, I am proud to inform you that our board has been diligently working to adjust the budget and ensure that we remain excellent stewards of the club's resources. Your membership dues and participation in club activities have played a pivotal role in enabling us to adapt and continue providing exceptional programs and facilities.
Annual Tennis-Palooza
As we head into the final stretch of the season, I am thrilled to hype up the much-awaited "Palooza" tennis tournament. This event promises to be a grand celebration of our love for tennis and camaraderie within our tennis community. The tournament committee has been diligently working on introducing some exciting new elements that will elevate the fun and competitive spirit of the event. The success we have achieved this summer is a testament to the dedication, passion, and community that defines North Jeffco Tennis Club. Let’s continue to foster a welcoming and supportive community where players of all ages and skill levels can thrive and excel.
Thank you once again for being an essential part of this journey. Your continued support and enthusiasm make NJTC an exceptional place to be. Let's celebrate our achievements and look forward to more exciting times ahead!

Calling all bakers!

The Bake Sale will be returning to Palooza (happening Sep 28-Oct 1) again this year with all proceeds going to the NJTC Scholarship Fund. If you love to bake, especially for a good cause, or if you want to help volunteer for a shift at the bake sale, then let us know! Please contact Anne Leoni at to volunteer time or goodies!  
See you on the courts!
Jason Bolton, NJTC President
NJTC… A Lifetime of Community


NJTC Volunteer Opportunity - It takes a Village!
• Do you have an analytical mind and organizational skills?
• Do any of your team members or captains fit that bill?
• We need two individuals to take on the League Coordinating roles for next year.
Send us your names and suggestions. It truly takes a village to keep our Club going strong!
40+ Mixed Teams Who Went to Districts
NJTC had lots of teams advance to playoffs already, so big congratulations as four of them are going to Sectionals!
Click for Pics!
Your Club Representatives are here to help with team-related questions:
Your League Coordinators for 2023
Jessica Mitchell

Tennis in Town

There are TWO Saturday August Socials!
Saturday, August 12, 5:30-9:30 pm
The Lakewood Challenge is a catered special event hosted jointly by the Lakewood Tennis Club and North Jeffco Tennis Club.
5:30-5:45 pm: 15-minute Warm up
5:45-7:30 pm: Play (4) 30-minute sets
7:30 pm: Gather for a catered dinner Final Championship Match finishes off the night! All-inclusive fee of $30 (this is not a potluck)! Registration is now open at
NJTC Summer Socials
Saturday, August 26, 5:00-9:00 pm
This one will be a typical Saturday Social at the ATC. It is a potluck event with the club providing cold drinks, dogs, brats, burgers, and balls. Remember, we start @ 5:00 pm! Registration opens Aug 12.
NJTC Summer Socials
TANS aka Tennis Addicts and Nuts (that’s us) is currently playing Friday evenings from 6-8 pm at the ATC. Please email Julie Gall @ TANS is great for new and old players alike. Julie likes to mix it up, so come ready to play.
Congratulations are in order!
Thomas Cauchi and Yah Pisutpongpan won the 4.0 Men’s doubles, Denver Chester Harris Tournament!
CU on the courts! Kevin, your Social Guy
Text 24/7 to 303-803-8120
for more information and to register.


Tennis-Palooza is coming!

Thursday, September 28 - Sunday, October 1
See the Flyer

Registration opens soon - stay tuned!


Palooza Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold Sponsorship $175
Silver Sponsorship $100

​Apex Tennis Center​

Fall 2023 Permanent Court Time

The Apex Tennis Center will again be using an application process to select time slots for 14 or 15 weeks of permanent court time (PCT) running between September 5, 2023, to December 23, 2023. This affords the applicants who did not receive court time last Winter another chance to get selected. Click below to access the full information and application.
Your application is due no later than August 21 via email to: or by bringing a hard copy to the Apex Tennis Center. Payment for your 14 or 15-week slot is due by September 5.
Drill Schedule
Sunday:  4:30–5:30 pm | 2.5/3.0 Coed Drill
Monday: 9-10:30 am | 4.5 Ladies Drill
Monday: 10:30 am-12 pm | 3.0/3.5 Ladies Drill
Monday: 7:30–9 pm | 3.5/4.0 Coed Drill
Monday: 7:30–9 pm 2.5/3.0 Coed Drill
Tuesday: 9–10:30 am | 2.5/3.0 Coed Drill
Tuesday: 6–7:30 pm | 3.0/3.5 Coed Live Ball Cardio
Tuesday: 7:30–9 pm | 4.0/4.5 Coed Live Ball Cardio
Wednesday: 9-10:30 am | 3.5/4.0 Coed Live Ball Cardio
Wednesday: 10:30 am–12 pm | 3.0/3.5 Coed Drill
Wednesday: 7–8:30 pm | 4.5/5.0 Coed Drill
Wednesday: 7 – 8:30 pm | 3.0/3.5 Coed Drill
Thursday: 9–10:30 am | 3.5/4.0 Coed Drill
Friday: 9-10:30 am | 2.5/3.0 Coed Drill 
Friday: 10:30 am-12 pm | 3.5/4.0 Coed Drill 
Saturday: 10:30 am–12 pm | 2.5/3.5 Coed Drill
Saturday: 12–1:30 pm | 4.0/5.0 Coed Drill
Register for Drills
Visit us online:
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