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This newsletter is an experiment of sorts: Paul and I email each other weekly, with you lovely people bcc’d. Please hit reply if you’d like to talk to me about anything I cover below.


Hello Paul,

This is newsletter number 10, feels like a small achievement worth celebrating! When it’s fallen to me and you we’ve struggled to stay on top of anything marketing-related in the past. It’s probably because these newsletters don’t feel like marketing—maybe they’re not? Or maybe it’s all marketing at the end of the day. Same with the Office Hours live-streams... we may have a small audience each week but it’s great to be able to regularly use the platform and just chat about things. Even if you had to drag me to the stage, as it were!

So you talked about momentum last week and I feel it too. Not breakneck, stressful, burn-out kind of momentum, but solid, moving in the right direction momentum. We have the bones of a really compelling product in Vito; Tito is seeing some long-standing bugs getting squashed, as well as increased usage from customers; vaccines are rolling out (as you mentioned last week I’m now one for two); and Ireland even had its first outdoor gig last week. Shocker: it didn’t rain.

Since my Guilty Coding email a few weeks ago, I’ve been staying fairly far from the codebase which is great. Now that we’ve more or less set up the hiring processes it’s time to look at the next most pressing thing... internal communication. For such a small team we have frequently run into issues by not having “the way we do things” written down. But then it doesn’t matter how big or small a company is if “the way we do things” means different things to different people. So that’s what I’ve started to address: how we use our tools to communicate with each other (Slack vs. Asana vs. GitHub, etc.); how and when we hold meetings and disseminate information to the rest of the team; how to use shared calendars, etc.

It’s just like Kim tells us: if there are no processes and policies written down, how the hell should we expect folks to know what they’re supposed to be doing.

Oh speaking of Kim, she’ll be holding her first Profit Without Oppression live-stream event this Saturday. I think it’s going to be an educational few hours for anyone interested in social change. Looking forward to it.

I think that’s it from me. See you at Office Hours tomorrow (4pm Irish time).

Until next week,

— Doc

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