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Do you know whether any of your pupils are being bullied?
          If so, do you know who?

Do your pupils know who to talk to if they were being bullied?
         If so, would they?

What would they do if they saw someone else being bullied?

How do parents percieve your efforts to manage bullying?
Let us help you build the full picture and together we can help beat bullying once and for all!
Let kindness fuel kindness....
In support of the excellent work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, QDP are offering all schools the following FREE surveys AND full analysis! No charge, no catch! 
(click the links below to view a test link to each questionnaire)
Please click the report button to see an example report:

This offer will run from 15th November 2021 until 31st December 2021

The surveys are all online and can be accessed from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone device.

To take part, simply reply to this email saying 'I'm in', along with the name of your school and we will send over your link(s).

Or if you would like to know more, please feel free to email us with any questions.

Please note: as the surveys are free of charge, they are fixed. If you would like to tailor them, we will be happy to do so for a charge of £50 (+VAT).

Lets work together and make our schools a better place for all!

Best wishes
The team at QDP
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