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April 2023

President & Vice President

Latest and Greatest News
Attention all tennis enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you today, so put down those rackets and listen up.
NJTC will be funding the placement and maintenance of Port-a-Potties at Alice Sweet Thomas Park and Arvada High School this season. These will only be available at match time as they will be locked. Now, when our home game captains pick up the court keys, they will also pick up the key to the Port-a-Pottie, so you can be assured that they are clean, safe and well maintained!
Court Clean Up 
Our first year as a Club doing court clean-up has been challenging (all that wind!), but successful. To date with the help of our volunteers, we have tidied courts at Arvada High School, Majestic View, and the Apex Tennis Center. Speaking of wind, have you ever tried cleaning tennis courts on a breezy day? It's like chasing a herd of wild balloons! To that end, there is still more to do, so stay tuned as this will be an ongoing effort, and we may still need your help.
New NJTC Merch
Which brings us to our next announcement: the release of our new hat design! The design is coming SOON, I promise, no really, I mean it, SOON.  For those of you who are worried about fashion, don't worry, it comes in a variety of colors and styles to match your tennis outfit.
Grand Slam Birthday Bash
Finally, we're celebrating the 5th birthday of APEX Tennis Center! Can you believe it's been 5 years already? To celebrate, we're throwing a party with cake, balloons, and of course, lots of tennis. We hope to see you there!
That's all for now, folks. Keep playing and we'll see you on the courts!
NJTC… A Lifetime of Community


Tennis Season is in Full Swing!
As we start the 2023 season we just wanted to address some of the growing pains we are experiencing as a club and as a recreational sport.
Tennis Growth as a Sport
Denver is the #2 city in the nation for tennis league participation and it is Colorado Tennis Association's hope to keep growing league and tournament opportunities for everyone. USTA had 24 million players in 2022 and experienced an increase of 5.9 million players from 2021. That's a 33% increase! 
NJTC Growth as a Club
NJTC fielded 200 teams in 2022 and scheduled 2290 courts for teams to play. We had 620 members which was a 15% increase from 2021. NJTC is the second largest club in Colorado, and has the unique relationship with Colorado USTA in that we are the only club in the state allowed to play out of more than 2 locations, as well as assign our own courts. With so much growth as a recreational sport many more teams are being fielded both within our Club and our surrounding communities.
Flight Assignment
We, as a Club often end up in a wide mix of flights for league play from the Southwest Flight to the North flights. The league coordinators do track which teams have gone north year over year but we cannot track a team for the whole season with regards to which flights they receive. In layman's terms, for Mixed 18+, a team who went to Longmont in 2022 will (if possible) be placed in a different flight for 2023. NJTC and the league coordinators have been working with USTA Colorado to try to minimize the number of our teams who get placed in those North flights. Unfortunately, they will never be eliminated but we are trying to keep them to a minimum. We do not have any control over how many teams are in a flight or where those teams are from.  
Home Match Availability
Availability of home matches has become a point of concern for some teams and the league coordinators have absolutely no input on who is home or away as those are determined by CTA, based on black out dates and other factors we are not privy to. Fielding as many teams as we do makes the availability of the ATC more scarce than any of us like. Everyone wants to play at the ATC and we do our very best to ensure that the home courts played at ATC are distributed as evenly as possible, but we are sometimes at the mercy of conflicts with other programs that are also trying to use the same facility. We are all hopeful that when we get more courts these growing pains will be alleviated in the near future!!
Your Club Representatives are here to help with finding and forming teams!
Upcoming dates to be aware of:
April 28 USTA Mixed 40+ Minimum Roster deadline
Your League Coordinators for 2023
Jessica Mitchell


The Big Dog Social is Saturday, April 29.
Registration opens April 15th!
On April 29th, we will be breaking out the grill and be using all 12 courts at the ATC with eight outdoor courts for the Big Dogs 4.0+ players and four indoor courts for the rest of us. The Big Dog format will be a fast- paced, continuous play with champions celebrated at the end of play by all. Indoor format is the usual rotating style. We were able to secure our special guest Joe Hendricks the music man and original Big Dog. If you would like to help on this one, be ready to come early and help set up and possibly push some snow off the courts, set up tables, or work the grill, let me know. Bring you’re A-Game and a dish to share. The club will supply the balls, music, cold drinks, dogs, and burgers.
The May 20th Saturday Social (sign up available 2 weeks in advance) is set with both the indoor and outdoor courts available if needed. This time of year is tricky due to the lovely Colorado weather! Summer Socials will be all outdoor events with the club providing dogs and brats, tasty beef and veggie burgers too, as well as cold drinks. If you like, please bring a dish to share. Sign up opens 
TANS aka Tennis Addicts and Nuts (that’s us) is currently playing Saturday mornings at the ATC. Please email Julie Gall @ TANS is great for new and old players alike. Julie likes to mix it up, so come ready to play.
CU on the courts! Kevin, your Social Guy
Text 24/7 to 303-803-8120
for more information and to register.


The Apex Tennis Center is turning five this year! Can you believe it? As their partner in all things tennis, North Jeffco Tennis Club wants to help the ATC celebrate in style! Won’t you join us?

Registration opens online May 12th:

NJTC 5th Birthday Bash for Apex Tennis Center graphic
If you have questions about the event or would like to inquire about volunteer opportunities for this event, contact Jen Stiebeling by email at: Hope to see you all there!

​Apex Tennis Center​

Programming & News

Spotlight on our newer ATC Pros!
Meet Jack Stuart!

Jack is one of our newer tennis pros at Apex Tennis Center! Jack does photography when not running players around on a court.
Meet Ming Chew!

Ming is a tennis pro at Apex Tennis Center and one of our newer faces. When not on a tennis court, Ming is an animator. This is what brought her to the United States.
Meet Tim Santy!

Tim is a newer tennis pro at Apex Tennis Center. Tim's favorite game, other than tennis, is Dungeons and Dragons.
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