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Our Favourite Treks of the Season!
We know you are now itching to put on your walking boots. Here is a list of the best treks from March, April & May that you can do with your family and friends. Click 'Enquire Now' to ask us about the difficulty level, required fitness level and for any other queries.
A Trek to the Valley of Gods
Meandering through the Govind Vihar sanctuary, Har Ki Dun Valley is rich culturally and a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. Mythologically, it is the same trail taken by the Pandavas on their route to Heaven through the domineering massif of Swargarohini.
Trek through quaint villages, alpine meadows covered with wildflowers, moraine ridges and glacier basins to get magnificent views of Swargarohini – I, II, III, Bandarpoonch and Blackpeak – all this make for an excellent hike in early spring and the post monsoon.

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Perfect choice for your First Himalayan Summit
Pangarchulla becomes a beautiful climbing objective in the spring after having accumulated snow over the winter.  An easy low peak which gives a good feel of a climb; plodding the crisp morning snow with amazing views of high mountains. This trip offers a challenge and loads of photo opportunities. Just perfect for anyone trying to wet their feet with their first Himalayan Summit.
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A Trek to the birthplace of Lord Ganesh
Dodital is said to be the birth place of Lord Ganesh, and is also the source of the Assi Ganga, a tributary to the Bhagirathi. It is named after the rare Dodi (Himalayan Trout) that can be found in this lake. A moderate trek which starts from the Bhagirathi valley, goes up to the lake of Dodital (wrapped in perfect wilderness) to the alpine meadows and tops out at Darwa Pass (4150m). Traditionally this trek has been continuously used by the Gujjars, the herdsmen who get their buffalos to the high meadows every summer and occasionally by the pilgrims/sadhus walking between Gangotri and Yamunotri.
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An Adventure for Everyone- Young or Old, New or Experienced alike
This moderate trek starts from the picturesque village of Barsu in Uttarkashi. Barsu serves as the base for the Dayara Bugyal trek along with offering grand views of some 6000m plus peaks like Jaunli (6618m), Srikanth (6133m) as well as Draupadi Ka Danda I & II (5643m & 5770m). A little into the trek you can also spot the Gangotri Massif (I, II & III). Dayara Bugyal has been popularly called the most beautiful meadow in India giving stiff competition to Bedni Bugyal. For thousands of years Gujjars have come to these meadows to graze their cattle and bask in the magnificence of such Beauty. Nestled between great Himalayan peaks like Bandarpunch (6316m) & White Peak (6102m) this is perhaps one of the most beautiful meadows to trek to in India.
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A trek to the beautiful turquoise blue lakes of Nepal
The 15 day Gokyo Lakes trek gives great views of Mt Everest (8848 m) and Mt. Cho Oyu (8201 m) without the bustling crowds of Kala Patthar and Everest Base Camp. The village of Gokyo, is much more beautiful than GorakShep. Gokyo, the lake is truly stunning with its emerald green lakes and herds of yaks wandering freely.
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Be among the Highest Peaks in the World !
During the trek, we follow the Main Everest Base Camp Trail, the route pioneered and still used by climbing expeditions that attempt the peak from the Nepal side. We visit the Base Camp at 17,600ft, and soak in the energy of teams working their way to the summit.
It’s not a cake walk for sure, and the altitude only makes things tougher. But with fore-knowledge, careful preparation and a basic level of fitness, this is certainly doable for the relatively inexperienced. On reading this, if you feel the tightness in the pit of your stomach, get in touch and we will send you the details.

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