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MAY 2022 
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3 Reasons to Use Web Content
for Marketing Your Nonprofit
Does your blog or website get updated regularly? Perhaps it is time to add more content. Let’s explore why this strategy might be one of the best ways to grow your online presence as a nonprofit organization. Consider these 3 reasons to use web content for marketing your nonprofit:

1. Build trust with your target audience.
2. Rank higher in Google search results with topical authority.
3. Use SEO to raise awareness about your mission.

Let’s explore these reasons further!
NPM'S Annual Company Retreat!

This month, our remote team traveled together to Wimberley, TX for our annual company retreat. We did team bonding exercises, professional development and even got the chance to experience some fun activities along the way!

(From left to right) Sulvā Dow, Heidi Longueuil, Melanie Pellicani, Sasha Drummond, Sabrina Howard, and Katie Muir
 (From left to right) Dom Lincoln, Jenna Ross, Donna-Marie King, Amber Snow, Melissa Swanson, and Grant Hensel 

Fun Activities!

Grant Hensel, our CEO, encountered an ostrich up close on the Wildlife Ranch Rover Safari in Texas!

Our team had so much fun and we look forward to sharing our retreat next year!

May 30

Heads up that we will be closed for Memorial Day. We will return to normal operations on Tuesday, May 31st. :)

Content Corner
Make Evergreen Content Part of Your Blog Strategy
Evergreen content—content that remains fresh and relevant for readers long after being published—is an essential element of a successful SEO strategy. It’s also a crucial factor for ranking with Google’s algorithm.

Not all your content needs to be evergreen. It’s equally vital to assure your audience that your organization has its finger on the pulse of current trends impacting its mission. However, evergreen content is optimized to endure the test of time.
Why Evergreen Content Is Important
Examples of Evergreen Content
  • Ultimate guides
  • Top tips on a subject
  • “How to” tutorials
  • Lists
  • FAQs
  • Case Studies
Examples of Non-Evergreen Content
  • Current trends
  • News articles
  • Holidays
  • Rapidly changing statistics
3 Tips To Create Quality Evergreen Content
  1. Use keyword research to find evergreen topics with high-volume traffic.
  1. Avoid specific dates and events. 
  1. Keep evergreen content updated.

Evergreen content is timeless, providing valuable information to your visitors. It’s a great way to position your organization as an authority and should be an important component of your content marketing plan. 
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