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This newsletter is an experiment of sorts: Paul and I email each other weekly, with you lovely people bcc’d. Please hit reply if you’d like to talk to me about anything I cover below.


Hey Paul,

I hope you continue to recover from the shit storm (and subsequent shit storm) of last week. As agreed we’ll be moving the team off Basecamp in the coming days. I’m still undecided as to where we should go, but there are a few options... (with its own set of potential ethical conflicts), Notion, something else?

As I mentioned in our first Office Hours stream last week (reminder: we’re doing it again tomorrow!) one thing about the Basecamp situation is at least we have transparency and can make a decision based on that. If only we had that insight for every company and service we used.

Tangentially related, I had a great call yesterday with Kim to go over the hiring processes I’ve been putting together. As you know our previous hiring efforts have been haphazard at best and it’ll be great to use and refine these steps as we go. I’m also planning to make the processes public so that applicants can see what’s going on behind the scenes. Might also be useful for other companies who are in a similar boat.

As Chief Operating Officer, company processes and policies are my responsibility which can be difficult to focus on when there‘s so many other things to do. But as we look to hire new team members in the near future I feel so much better that we will have a bunch of these processes and policies written down. It’s not the most glamorous of tasks but it’ll be invaluable for the team as it grows.

Oh, and happy belated May the 4th by the way. My 6-year-old has been making me proud by nerding out on Star Wars cartoons over the last few months. I showed him the trailers for the original trilogy the other day and his mind was blown. He’s also been building a bunch of Star Wars LEGO, as have I. Rediscovering LEGO as an adult with all it’s therapeutic qualities has been a gift... particularly with everything going on these days. Highly recommended.

See you tomorrow at 4pm for the stream!

— Doc

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