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Hey Paul!

Well, this new content calendar that Vicky kindly put together for us seems to be working huh? At least in so far that it’s keeping us accountable to a schedule. We’ve tried it before but “things” got in the way and distracted us. Sure, they were important things like product features and gnarly bug fixes but for now, as you said last time, we’re done.

So every day either you, Vicky or I do something—a tweet, a blog post, a LinkedIn post—and it seems to be having an impact. A very small, flicker-of-the-needle impact, but it’s a start.

We also had our Office Hours stream on Friday which I really enjoyed, the first one since May (sign up to our Vito hub to be informed of the next one). Next week you’re kicking off a new series of Admission events with Episode 1 featuring Jessie, Caitlin and Sandra. Can’t wait for that.

Of course this is all sales and marketing 101 but it’s amazing to have a bit of headspace to think about and plan this stuff. When you’re buried in the code it all feels just that little bit out of reach.

So roll on Q4… let’s get that needle moving 📈

Catch you next time,

— Doc

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