The wisdom of limits and a reason to rise.
Dispatch from the Future
Jan 2019 / Ian MacKenzie

Lost Nation Road - behind the scenes

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

These last two months I've submerged myself in the editing for Lost Nation Road, the short film about Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins' road tour.

It's incredibly time consuming, yet it's also where a film really begins to become itself. It's an alchemy unique to the medium. Not quite music, not quite photography, not quite voice - it's all of these things, which translates into a million possibilities in the edit room. 

How one shot follows the next, or how an interview lingers (or not), or how a particular theme is included at all... weave together in a dynamic dance of emotion and ideas. One powerful thread of Stephen's has been the link between his time in palliative care (what he calls 'the death trade') and our current ecocidal trajectory.

He deftly draws the relationship between a modern culture that is deeply death-phobic, hell-bent on circumventing all limitations, and the collapsing biosphere that can no longer sustain the draw down on its capacity to regenerate life. 

What comes to me is this: without limits, the mania to grow will never stop. "We just need one more swath of rainforest cut down. One more pipeline laid though the mountains. One more tanker navigating our delicate waterways. And then we'll have enough."  Enough is the phantom always over the next horizon. 

Therefore, what might be the marching orders of an elder (and the rest of us, for that matter) in a time like this one? The willingness to obey limits. 

And to know that this is not going to last. That's true of my life - and that's true of this culture.  You could find that morbid and cause for despair. Or it could be cause to realize...there's nothing to wait for.  Time to rise up. 

The world needs us.

- IM


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Very excited to share that my new course is now online!  Two years in the making, this workshop is for filmmakers, musicians, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, lovers, and anyone who wants to fund their dream in service to a more beautiful world.

I've decided to offer two registration options 1) Flat Rate or 2) the spirit of the Gift.  This means I don't tell you how much the course is worth. You'll be invited to gift any amount at the end.  

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Big news for my film Amplify Her. We're now building toward our global release date in late March!  And in the meantime, we've released the first motion comics from the series we developed with 30+ women, and a special EP featuring original tracks from the film.

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I'm very excited to be heading to this gathering coming up in late March on Orcas Island. Having been to numerous other events put on by some of the organizers (Imagine Festival, Revival Gathering) this is the latest iteration in unlocking the power of emergence.

Key visionaries and activists will be in attendance, from Paul Stamets, to Charles Eisenstein and Julia Butterfly Hill - along with musicians Yaima and many others. Beyond the typical "keynotes" - I've appreciated how much the organizers have attempted to break down the typical 'conference' format, and allow for real connection and possibility to flourish.

When we can all bring our gifts in service toward a shared vision for a regenerative future... that's when the magic happens.

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p.s. The Storyhive platform, which awarded me the grant for Lost Nation Road, has just released their first Indigenous edition. Check out all these amazing projects now in the works.

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