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July 2018 / Ian MacKenzie
Photo: Brigid Devoe

Dear <<Test First Name>>,                                        

So, my partner and I are pregnant. 6 months in fact. 

I'm not sure if that's the proper way to refer to this phenomenon that is outrageously mysterious and utterly human.  Some tell me she's the only one physically carrying the incoming being, of which I have no doubt. And yet, both of us are playing our part in readying ourselves, and our village-in-training for the (all willing) impending arrival. 

Lastly year, I was in the presence of my best friend's child being born. It was like a meteor arriving from another dimension - immediately reconfiguring everything about their lives. It has been beautiful carnage. Somewhere in there, my unconscious self must have thought it was a good idea.  

Hence, less than 6 months later, I have participated in the co-creation of another baby making their way towards my partner and I.

I’ve long understood myself to be fascinated by the erotic, creative, and revolutionary dimensions of love. Now on the precipice of fatherhood (and having already been step-father to another child), I catch glimpses of the difficult and deepening path ahead.

I can't pretend to know what is coming. And there is trepidation and mercy in that not-knowing.

From what I’ve seen, raising a child in the dominant culture of North America is often an exercise in endurance. Bereft of the sanity that village provides, parents are left to fend as best they can in the isolated raft of the nuclear family (if they have even that).

It might be that all I’ve attempted to gather about village-making throughout this last decade has been for this moment. If elderhood is always a function of its time, then what might be the role of parents and partnership in this time? How might the willingness to plant firmly with another, and not shut the world out, be the soil by which the seedlings of village can grow? 

These are the questions I take with me on this next chapter.

- IM


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I was recently invited to speak at The Met in New York City with my friend Sean Aiken. It was a fantastic opportunity to speak with their employees about how to deepen in their passion and meaning behind their work, at the third largest museum in the world. 

It was also the first time Sean and I have spoken together on this topic in quite some time.  See where it all began by watching the original One Week Job film below!

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