Issue 1 — Jan 3, 2018



Hey! Dan here. Welcome to the first ever issue of Coverage, my newsletter about magazines 🙌

This is going to be a fun ride.

I’m going to use Coverage to highlight some of the coolest magazines, bring you magazine industry news and commentary, as well as show you some of the things I’m doing across my projects (like Magpile and Subsail).

I’m aiming for a bi-weekly frequency to start. Let’s see how it goes!

I always welcome feedback; if you ever have comments or want to ask me anything, just reply to one of these emails.

Enjoy issue 1!


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Six Magazine Predictions for 2018 


Check out this long-form article from Ruth Jamieson (mag fan and author of Print is Dead. Long Live Print). I was asked—along with some other indie mag stalwarts—about how we see the next year. Some really interesting points; it will be good to see how the year eventually pans out.



Magculture's favourite magazines of 2017 


Looking back to the past year, the team at Magculture picked their favourite magazines. I love sharing magazines, and this is an incredible list—both in quality but also diversity. If you want to try a new magazine, go for one of these. All highly recommended by a group of people passionate about magazines.



Did you know I’m a YouTuber now?! 😂  

I started a magazine-focused channel during December and will be posting magazine videos regularly. I need to figure out and finalise my content plan, but expect more videos this month.

I personally wish there were more videos about magazines, so this is just me scratching my own itch. Just as with this newsletter, I want to play with new media and see what sticks. Exciting!


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Giveaway! Openhouse, issue 8

I'm hoping to have a magazine giveaway in every issue of Coverage. I'm starting with the latest issue of the brilliant Openhouse, which came out just last month. The magazine was recently redesigned by the extremely talented Folch Studio, and I've thoroughly enjoyed this issue.


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My mag of the moment

“Not a magazine I usually buy. But I saw this special Hillary Clinton guest-edited issue of @teenvogue recently and thought it’s worthy of being in my collection 🤙🏼
Also, it’s one of the final print issues of the magazine.”

Check what I'm reading (not only female teen mags, promise!) at @dansmags



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