The Last Jedi, Moana, and the Etymology of Evil 

Dispatch from the Future
April 2018 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Protect the Inlet Rally - Burnaby, Canada | March 2018

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

Hard to believe the last newsletter I sent was with the onset of winter.  Where I live, the blossoms have begun their tentative peek into the growing momentum of spring.

In some ways, I feel like I’ve been underground in the months past - and perhaps that’s how things go in the season of cold and darkness.  They go underground to slow down, reflect, and hibernate.

Then again, as I reflect on the last few months, I would be amiss to name the fruits of my travels that sprouted in the warmer climes of Australia on a five week sojourn. By the numbers: five screenings of Amplify Her, three talks on healing masculinity, 1.6 million views on a new short "Witches" with Fleassy Malay, and three months working on a new essay about The Last Jedi and the surprising etymology of evil.  (All links below)

On my final days of the journey, I was invited to dinner with a prominent businessman and philanthropist based on the impulse he felt that the universe wished for us to meet.  I was impressed by his own life experience and generosity - and the conversation flowed as easefully as the wine.

With the restaurant patrons dwindling into the evening, there was a pause in our conversation, and suddenly he looked me deep in the eyes, as if a higher being was reaching through his gaze and gripped the innermost axis of my soul.

"Don't miss it."  He intoned. 

My mind immediately wanted to inquire as to the "it" of which he spoke.  And yet, a place in me somehow recognized the trueness of the words.

He repeated the statement again.

"Okay."  I said, with a solemn weight I understood as a vow.

"I don't know why, but the universe chose me to tell you that." He added, then relaxed into his seat and his characteristic mirth returned.

Upon my return home, I experienced my 37th birthday in the company of community and kin, providing a fertile moment to celebrate this wild and mysterious life.

I remembered the words: "don't miss it."  

What am I truly here to do for my short time on this planet?

As I (and you) step more fully into service to this time, so must our trust grow alongside. After 10 years as a filmmaker and media activist, I cannot help but feel the gratitude for support that has emerged in so many forms.

This spring, I'm now deep into my existing two films, both of which have been growing for many years, and are now drawing into their final trimester. The first is the film based on the groundbreaking community of Tamera Healing Biotope, and the Healing of Love (in production since 2015).  The second is the story of Stephen Jenkinson and the Orphan Wisdom School, a plea and a path for the making of elders.

In an effort to grow sustainability for these endeavours, I’ve now created a brand new Patreon video, sharing the last decade of my work and exploring the topics I’m most excited to explore.  I’m aiming to reach a foundational goal of $1000/month - and would love your support. In exchange, you’ll receive access to exclusive content and behind-the-scenes updates, including Live Q&A’s and more.

Please watch and consider becoming a supporter

Thank you for daring to love greatly.
- Ian MacKenzie

Latest Work

Here's a collection of my latest efforts and collaborations over the last few months.

» MEDIUM ESSAY: The Last Jedi, Moana, and the Etymology of Evil

Three months in the making, I'm excited to share this exploration into oppositional binary thinking, the surprising origin of ‘evil,' and battle between finite and infinite games.  

» SHORT: "Witches" by Fleassy Malay

In collaboration with Re/Culture Media and Uplift Connect, this potent spoken word piece has already been viewed 1.6 million times on Facebook!

» INTERVIEW: Stephen Jenkinson in Dumbo Feather

This excellent long-form interview with Stephen features my photography gathered over the last few years in the Orphan Wisdom school.

» PHOTO GALLERY: Protect the Inlet Rally to Stop Kinder Morgan (also on Flickr)

I joined with indigenous leaders and thousands of others outside Vancouver to defend the sacred waters of this region.

Upcoming Events

The Amplify Her Purple Carpet Tour continues, with a big screening coming up in Portland on April 19th, followed by an epic after party Down the Rabbit Hole.

»  View all upcoming screenings on our website

» If you'd like to collaborate on bringing the film to your city, please fill out this form.

» Join our brand new Amplify Her discussion community on Facebook!

Book me for speaking

Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking on the topics of new culture, activist filmmaking, healing love, the emerging paradigm and more.   Send inquiries to [email protected] 

2018 speaking dates to come. 


P.S.  Speaking of witches, my friend and amazing musician Boe Huntress just released her new music video.  (You might remember I shot a live video with her back in 2014 for her song Green Dragon)

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