Recently it was my wife's birthday and so we took an impromtu trip out to Dinosaur National Park in Vernal Utah. 
Sometimes you just have to take a fun trip!
If you're looking for this month's special announcements, you'll find those at the bottom, but first I wanted to share a little bit of what my family and I did recently. It was my wife's birthday and she has mentioned a few times over the last year that she would love to take the family out to Dinosaur National Park-- so as a surprise I booked a hotel and made it a weekend getaway!
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It's hard to not get excited about dinosaurs in general -- but when you have five sons, it becomes a pretty fun trip. The weather was great and even from the first moment everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We stayed at the Dinosaur Inn and Suites, and I have to say it was fantastic. I didn't take pictures of their breakfasts -- but they do cook pancakes and eggs for you each morning as part of the deal. And, because it was my wife's birthday, they helped me put a few fun things in the room too, like dinosaur towels and a bouquet of flowers.Here are a few pictures of what we were up to.
Check out the Dinosaur Inn & Suites
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Awww, dinosaur towels are snuggling on our bed... how cute.
Inside the quarry is a massive wall of dinosaur fossils which is a lot of fun for dinosaur enthusiasts.
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Don't mind the milk -- that's for night time sippy cups for the little ones...And about 15 minutes away from the quarry is a fun little river where we spent part of the afternoon playing around.
It might be nerdy, but this was my favorite skeleton in the museum.Grid Item
They didn't just have dinosaurs to look at either...
And for those of you who like educational outings -- each of our kids got an activity packet about dinosaurs. Once they filled it out, a ranger checked their work and gave them fun little badges.
This was my favorite replica -- a massive 7 foot long sail fin.

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This shrimp cocktail was bigger than his head!
Some families build sand castle -- but my family builds rock forts!
And don't worry -- I still kept up with my goal of publishing something new each month. For April, I unveiled a prequel to The Dragon's Champion series.
It's called The Keeper of Secrets: Dragon Born, and is a full novella about Lepkin's legendary battle at Gelleirt Monastery.