Issue 2 — January 19, 2018

Hello and welcome to issue 2 of Coverage. I hope your week has been amazing.

Things have been a little less magazine-centric around these parts. Last week I started a new job, ditching my “independent developer” title for the time being. I will, however, continue taking on freelance work—specifically in magazines—so if you have anything related to the web (design, website, marketing, strategy, subscriptions), just ping me an email. Maybe a quick call could be good to bounce some ideas around.

Saying that, I've enjoyed some great online features from some of my fave magazines, I've been adding to my "to-buy" list of magazines, and I have lined up another magazine giveaway



Some brilliant online features for your enjoyment, published by some of my favourite magazines.

When The Ice Gets Thick
The unexpected beauty and variety of ice fishing huts.
Works That Work, issue 10

Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories
A photographer captures a colorful world of craft and complexity.
NYT Magazine

UK’s first vending machine for homeless people launches
It contains water, food, hygiene items and books, and can be accessed by homeless people around the clock via key cards.
Positive News

Every Day Was Striking
Why would somebody with crippling self-doubt and high anxiety decide to report from war-torn Iraq?
Anxy, issue 2

My shopping list

Coverage is a great opportunity to shove some beautiful magazines in front of you, so here are some recent releases I’m desperate to get my hands on.

Pet People, issue 4
Focused on Helsinki (my adopted second home) for this issue, Pet People features pets and their people.

Fare, issue 2
A brilliant food magazine based in scotland. Following a banging start with Istanbul, this second issue also focuses on Helsinki.

Leon, issue 4
Sticking with Helsinki and food, Leon is one of only a few indie mags based in Helsinki, exploring food, culture and some fashion.

Also on my radar...

Origin Story

I'm always fascinated to hear about the initial spark behind a magazine, and a title's original starting point.

For the first "Origin Story", here's Debika Ray, founder and editor of Clove, which launched last month.

As a British-Indian journalist, I’ve always been interested in offering a different perspective on South Asian culture – bringing greater nuance to the way stories from the region and its diaspora are covered and considering the exciting cultural phenomena emerging from it on their own merit. I started Clove to do just that.

“The Indian subcontinent is home to almost a quarter of the world’s population, and its diaspora is spread far across the globe. It’s a diverse, culturally vibrant and increasingly influential part of the world. Yet, in the West, that part of the world still tends to be viewed in quite simplistic terms and stories that are covered generally fit familiar narratives – the clash between tradition and modernity, the side-effects of rapid development or the exoticism and quaintness of its culture.

I hope the magazine will shed light on the diversity and complexity of South Asian culture and bring to the fore some talented writers and photographers, as well as exploring the inextricable interconnectedness of the modern world – all in what I believe is a lively, entertaining and visually compelling format.”

Find out more about Clove and order a copy at

Giveaway! Clove, issue 1

Debika is kindly giving away two copies of Clove to Coverage readers and Magpile members.

To enter, simply retweet this tweet. Good luck!

Follow my magazine adventures...




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