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So I had this deep tribe conversation about the coronavirus all set up for today.  

I was going to talk about how your mind has got you trapped if you find yourself in a drag-out fight with a stranger in the supermarket over a roll of toilet paper.

Then this conversation with a close family friend came up last night. 

Here’s part of what he said to me:

“Mehn!! you’re a soldier. 

You’ve made so many sacrifices and you just keep going. 

I keep asking myself If I could do what you’re doing and I don’t think I could”

It gave me pause when he said this.

Because the sacrifice he was referring to had to do with the fact I had packed up my life in London and moved back to Nigeria to take care of my ailing mother and the family business amongst other things.

But I tried to explain it to him that I didn’t see it as a sacrifice.

And I didn’t make this move to prove what a good person I was.

If you’ve hung around me long enough in the tribe you’ll know that I don’t subscribe to surface labels as “good” or “bad”

I believe that as human beings our design has a lot more context and depth than that.

I made the move or sacrifice as he chose to see it because it was the end of the cycle for me.

And that is what I want to dive into for today’s tribe conversation.

You see, the one thing that causes unnecessary and deep frustration in most of us is not being able to align with the cycles and phases that show up in our lives.

The study of Human Design shows that everything…absolutely everything has a 7-year cycle to it.

Relationships, jobs, products…you name it.

The cycle from which it moves from being new and fresh to the ready for “adaptability and mutation” phase lasts 7 years.

Continuity after the 7 years comes when you’re able to flow and adapt to the new cycle rather than trying to force it to match your music from the past.

There’s a reason why they call it “the 7-year itch” in relationships.

And there’s a reason why things begin to look stale once you’ve stayed in for particular job for the same number of years.

For continuity to happen, mutation or reinvention MUST occur.

It’s the boom and bust cycle.

The mistake most of us make is that we think reinvention or mutation means finding a new job in a new company or a new partner and a new relationship.

Sometimes that might be the way forward.

But most often, mutation simply means being aware of the cycle so that you don’t fall prey to the pressure your mind will put on you to look for something totally new.

Being aware of the cycle so that you don’t get dragged around by your emotions when your partner says he/she is bored with the relationship.

Understanding that it has nothing to do with you personally and your ability to keep them happy or whatever emotion they’re chasing at the moment

But it has more to do with the nature of the material plane that we exist in and your ability to recognise it for what it is.

When you’re able to recognise the cycles in your life, you’re able to flow and adapt with them rather than get defensive and resistant.

And when you’re not getting defensive and resistant, this is when manifestation becomes a natural occurrence in your life.

It is when people begin to tell you how easy life seems for you.

But all you’ve been doing is simply going with the flow and moving with your cycles.

A perfect example of a company and product in constant mutation is coca-cola.

This is a product that has lasted for over 100 years.

It has done so because it keeps its fundamentals consistent but it adapts with each cycle.

The recipe for coca-cola hasn’t changed since it came to the market.

The one time they tried to change the core recipe, the company got spanked hard by its customers.

So they quickly went back to the original recipe. 

But what has changed over the years, is how it markets itself.

What has changed is the packaging.

So many other things have adapted and changed with time with this company but the fundamentals always remain the same.

And this the key lesson I want you to take away from this conversation.

A mutation is not optional

Whether you like it or not, everything has a cycle.

You’re either flowing with your cycle or not.

If you do choose to flow with your cycle, you have to get clear on what your fundamentals are.

Because your fundamentals are what can never change, no matter how many cycles you’ve been through.

The rest is fair game.

Repackage it and do whatever you need to get the continuity you crave.

That is the key to keeping things fresh over a long period.

It is the key to seamless success and manifestation.

It’s not about trying to control everything.

Instead, it’s always about going with the flow.

This is what spiritual teachers Abraham Hicks mean when they talk about going “downstream.” 

In my case, I had lived in London for 20 years and by the time I made my move, I was coming to the end of my third cycle.

And there were lots of things occurring to show that I was coming to the end of a cycle.

Things that previously used to come with ease required 3-4 times more energy and effort to squeeze out the same results.

A lot of projects I was trying to force into existence kept going sideways or didn’t bring in the sort of income they normally would have in the past.

My relationship with my then partner was on the fritz.

NOTHING was going well.

I felt there was a big change coming, I just didn’t know where and how it would come.

And when the change came in the form of my mother’s illness and the family business going sideways…

I’d like to tell you that I embraced it but I didn’t.

Alas, I fought like hell to hold on to the past and what I thought my life SHOULD be.

But the strangest thing is that moving back home is actually what has opened up the doors I desperately wanted open when I was in London.

I’m sitting here, writing and talking daily to clients in over 20 countries and counting - from Bahrain, Kenya, India, the United States to Vietnam, Croatia and so many more.

I’m in the process of building real estate properties that I only dreamed about in the past.

Most importantly, I actually have something I didn’t know I craved deeply until I had it…

And that is the noise of family around me.

So, to me, It wasn’t and has never been a “sacrifice”.

Instead, it was just the next logical step in my cycle.

And when I trusted the biggest part of me to take care of me as I took the step I needed to take, things fell into place.

My key fundamentals never changed. 

2020 has started a new cycle for me, so I know that changes are going to happen in the next 7 years. 

I just don’t know what and how.

And that’s okay. 

I can only be present today.

Allow me to show up and respond to what needs a response from me today.

The rest will unfold as it does.

I will adapt as I always do.

And so will you.

So as we end the conversation, here’s my encouragement for you:

Where are you trying to prevent your mutation/reinvention?

Are you trying to hold on to the past by mistaking everything as your key fundamental?

Do you even know what your key fundamentals are?

Like coca-cola, what is your key recipe that can never change regardless of what else is going on in your cycle?

Take the time you need to discover what you need to know, so that your movement and from cycle to cycle become more effortless rather something that brings dread and pain.

Always in your corner



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