Episode 1 and explores the Rise of Jordan Peterson.
Dispatch from the Future
Nov 2019 / Ian MacKenzie

Photo: Sam Badbeard, Sacred Sons Convergence

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

Some exciting news. After recording an occasional on again/off again podcast, I've decided to launch a brand new bi-monthly offering under the title of The Mythic Masculine

The aim of this podcast is to bring the lens of myth and story to the current cultural, historical moment: what does it mean to be a man in these times?  What are the new archetypes that are emerging? And how might we look to the old myths to make sense and navigate our way forward? 

The first episode is now live: a conversation with the co-directors of the new documentary The Rise of Jordan Peterson.

We discuss their journey of making the film, the reasons why he is misunderstood by the political Left as well as the Right, and the mythic lens by which to understand his crusade in this cultural moment. 

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Upcoming guests include Michael Meade, Sharon Blackie, and many more diverse voices.

I also have a large essay coming soon about my recent time at the Sacred Son's mens convergence in San Diego, which I'm excited for you to read.

If you wish to support future episodes, please consider becoming a Patron. My current goal is $1000/month to produce this work and I'm already at 32%. 

In exchange, you'll get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes videos, posts, and exclusive perks, and more.

Thanks for the consideration.

- IM

Plus, don't miss

Here's another recent conversation with my friend Leah Lamb where we discuss The Power of Myth and Storytelling for Social Change. (Also on Youtube). 

I also recorded a Kickstarter Case Study for my film Love School, where I discuss how we put together the campaign and lessons for your own projects.  You can access to the 60 minute talk as a free previous on the Udemy platform for The Art of Crowdfunding for Social Change.

Speaking of which, I'm receiving glowing reviews for my online crowdfunding course. If you're thinking of launching a project, it's a great resource to build the skills and storytelling chops to make it a success.  Visit the link above to get started.

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- IM 

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watch this short film I produced about my friend Daniel Stermac-Stein. 

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