The gift and curse of experiencing alternate futures.
Dispatch from the Future
Oct 2019 / Ian MacKenzie

Production shoot for my first film 'One Week Job' circa 2009

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

I heard years ago when I was beginning my career as a filmmaker to be careful what you choose to make a film about - as it inevitably becomes a deep immersion into that world.

I've been reflecting on this truism over the past month while buried in the latest edit for our forthcoming film Love School, exploring the revolutionary research of Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal.  In many ways, it has been a gift and a curse.

Time in Tamera has been like visiting another planet or a post-capitalist time in the future.   The gift is that it has opened me to new ways of perceiving, being, and thinking about the nature of these times, in particular, the stories and structures that govern our ways of loving.   The curse is now that I've experienced what is possible in love free from fear, I can never un-know it. 

It has become abundantly clear how difficult it is to live it outside of their established cultural field - bereft of the trust among others engaged in a shared vision, with mutual solidarity, eldership, and discipline at the foundation. Instead within the dominant culture, I experience again and again the disheartening reflection that "we're not in Tamera" and I am naive to attempt otherwise.   That's just the way it is, they say. 

But I ask - how could things ever be different if we are unwilling to attempt otherwise - guaranteed of resistance along the way? 

I'm reminded of a line in Robert Bly's book "Iron John" where he speaks of the necessity of initiation, that rite of passage from childhood to becoming an adult. He writes that it's not important to "succeed" at the task given to the youth, rather, the willingness to step on the path of initiation begins to gather the mysterious alchemy necessary for transformation to occur

Maybe that's what Charles Eisenstein means when he speaks of 'the space between stories.'  We don't know how to get to the more beautiful world, nor do we have any certainty it's possible. But without the willingness to step onto the path, it remains impossible.

- IM

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