Returning from Tamera, Ember Dawning, and what youth need from elders.

Dispatch from the Future
May 2019 / Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

I've just returned from one month living and studying at the peace research village of Tamera in southern Portugal. 

Many of you likely already know about the project, as I've been working on a documentary about the community with two other filmmakers over the past 5 years.  This was my fourth time attending the Global Love School and my partner and baby joined me. 

Shooting a film, attending the school, and attempting to support with our son easily made this visit the most challenging. And yet, the wisdom of the community revealed itself in ways that I'm still unpacking and likely will for some time. 

Perhaps most striking is their understanding of "free love" - that is "love that is free from fear."  This goes far beyond modern ideas of monogamy or polyamory.  This is a commitment to creating the conditions where truth can be spoken, where love partners don't have to hide from each other or themselves, where shame is compassionately tended, and jealously no longer justified. 

As a new family, our experience was navigated with particular tenderness. Edges were explored and hearts were expanded.  The wisdom of eros became more clear as each layer of conditioning, both personal and ancestral, dropped away, revealing the inherent healing capacity of this universal life energy.

What is absolutely clear: families (and all relationships) need the wider vessel of community to thrive, to receive perspective, compassion and support. 

We remain grateful for the love that grew for each one of the participants in the love school, along with Tamerian residents who gathered us into their hearts and dedication for working toward a more beautiful world. 

As the time came to depart, we carried the seed of possibility in our palms, with a commitment to learn how to water this great gift of belonging.

- IM


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TRISHA SPIRE - 'Ember Dawning' music video campaign

I'm stoke to be collaborating with Trisha Spire, a phenomenal cellist and vocalist who is looking to release her first official track Ember Dawning.  I've agreed to produce the music video, which explores the reclamation of ancestral roots through a mythological journey of a young girl.

Trisha needs your support to raise the funds! Please watch her pitch and contribute if inspired.

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Nicole and I recently won the title of BEST DIRECTOR at the "What If Women In Film in Olten, Switzerland:

"The Jury was thrilled with the aesthetics, storyline, crossed media visuals, sound design and powerful characters. We absolutely loved your film! Huge congrats!! Women rock, Canada rocks (for supporting independent filmmaking), partnerships and all. Your film is an inspiration and we cannot wait to hear from your future endeavours."

Also happy to share there are many upcoming screenings this June all over the world.  Be sure to follow our Facebook page for specific event listings and please invite your friends. We're a small team with big hearts bringing this message of female empowerment to the world. 

From the Archives

ONE WEEK JOB - free stream on Vimeo

My first documentary follows the journey of Sean Aiken post-collage as he struggles to find out what he wants to do with this life.  He decided to work 52 jobs in 52 weeks.  His epic story is captured in our film, which is now available to stream online.

Use the code DISPATCH to watch free as a gift, until the end of June.

» Watch One Week Job now online (84 mins)

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May 24-26, Youth Symposium at The Haven, Gabriola Island

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- IM 

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