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Issue 3 — February 2, 2018


Heya, magazine makers and fans 👋

Welcome to the third issue of Coverage!

My reading pile is high. Maybe too high. Thorsten from Coffee Table Mags (one of the best shops online) replied to my story on Instagram this week asking if I manage to read all the magazines I buy and receive. My response was “I do my best.”

Along with work, running side projects (like this newsletter and Subsail), keeping up with Instagram and also protecting time with my young family, reading magazines all the way through (unfortunately) can't be a high priority.

However, magazines are my passion and I will keep buying them. What a pleasure it is to open the post to find a beautifully crafted, detailed, interesting, intelligent, meticulous, passion-filled (and heavenly-smelling) magazine. To be able to savour even half of the pages is a triumph for both the publisher and me.

May the magazines continue to stream in and clog up my desk!

Enjoy the newsletter and your weekend,


PS: I've started to offer publishers to feature their magazines on my @dansmags feed. Reply to this email if you are keen.


Currently on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become a go-to place for raising funds for launching a new magazine or new issue. Success isn't always guaranteed, but I know I have a good number of Kickstarter-powered issues on my shelves.

I frequently spend some time browsing Kickstarter looking for promising magazine projects. Here are some stand-out projects currently hoping for your money to make their ideas reality.

NANSEN, issue 2 
Exploring migration, one migrant at a time.

Sustain Yearly, issue 1 
A new magazine for sustainable living, from Danish blog Sustain Daily.

Voyage, issue 4 
A bi-annual travel magazine from undergraduate students at the University of Washington.


Favourite covers of the cover master

I'm sure you've heard of Gym Class, a moniker used by London-based art director, Steven Gregor, for his magazine projects (including a magazine about magazines).

Just for the Coverage readership, Steven selects five of his favourite covers recently featured on his fantastic @gymclassmag Instagram feed.


For tons more magazine covers, make sure you go and follow @gymclassmag


A huge list of magazine and book shops

99u (a magazine, blog and annual conference run by Adobe) has collated a list of 46 of the world's best book and magazine shops. If you're every traveling and want to peruse some shelves, flick open some covers and admire some beautiful print, start with this list. →



Origin Story

Continuing my interest in where magazines come from, I spoke with Sophie from PANTA about the origins of this arts, culture and activism magazine. Her quote shows how a project can grow from a single idea into something stronger and more powerful.

“PANTA is an independent art magazine that blends diverse subjects such as photography, design, street art, music, performance and more into a bi-annual 100-page publication.

“What binds all these topics together is their message and their objective, as the magazine focuses on what has become known as ‘artivism’. What started as a more general art publication soon became a collection of explorations and insights on artists who combine their craft with a good cause – be it social, cultural, political and/or environmental. 

“PANTA highlights that art is a strong tool to promote positive change—we just need to take a step back and see the bigger picture of what art has the power to achieve for communities and society at large.”

Find out more about PANTA and order a copy at


Discount for Faim!

One of my favourite launches in recent months, Faim (“hunger” in French), is a multi-lingual magazine about people, places and food. Issue 1 focuses on the Spanish city of Valencia.

I've worked to get Coverage readers an exclusive discount ❤️

Use the code MAGLOVERS at checkout for 30% off the magazine and 50% off their range of goodies.

Go to →



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