On the end of the before, and the beginning of the after.
Dispatch from the Future
Oct 2018 / Ian MacKenzie

Doula and my parter in the birthing tub

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

Last week, my son was born a day before the "official" due date.

In the final time leading up to the event, it felt like my partner and I were on a special kind of olympic training. Our doula lived in-house with us for two weeks. We reviewed the books and articles on birth. We prepared the right food. We cleaned and tidied the home. We practiced a variety of comfort giving measures.

And then suddenly (and yet entirely expected), the stirrings of labour began, and we were into the portal. There is much to be said about the next 37 hours, and perhaps much that will never be said.  But certainly, I feel now is not the time to fully understand "what happened."

Right now, mama and babe are doing well on this side of the rubicon.

Almost immediately after the birth, I stepped into the production shoot for Lost Nation Road. That these two things would weave precisely at the same time - a night about grief and death, and  the utter mystery and intensity of birth - is not lost on me.

I've heard saner cultures understand these two transitions as the most necessary of village-making endeavours, and the chance for our deep humanness to show up. Both are willing to abide by limitation, faithful to the wisdom of beginnings and endings.

As for me, the end of the before is over. The beginning of the after has begun.

- IM


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The Latest

Photo: Heather Pollock


Huge appreciation to everyone who helped spread the word about my new short film Lost Nation Road. As a thank you, here is a short film that shares the origins of Stephen and Gregory's collaboration, shot back in late 2015 when I was on the road with them during the initial tour.

» Watch the short Origins (4 mins)


Happy to share this beautiful short the organizers put together from the FemmeQ Summit in LA back in June. I was invited to speak on a number of themes, including the role of masculinity in feminine intelligence.

They've also released the full recordings of the talks as well, which you can purchase here.

» Watch the film FemmeQ  (12 mins)


In case you missed it, back in 2004, I spent two years trying to get CBS to change the eligibility rules to allow Canadians on Survivor. After two years, 3,500+ signatures and 18 previous alumni endorsements, I gave up the quest.

Now, 14 years later, they've just announced they changed the rules and have invited Canadians to join the show. After much consideration, I decided to apply and see what happens. 

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Photo: Zipporah Lomax / New Frontiers, NZ

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p.s. One of the things I've appreciated about stepping into fatherhood is finding hilarious and instructional videos like this one "How to Put A Baby to Sleep."

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