On the need to imagine a regenerative future.
Dispatch from the Future
Feb 2019 / Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

My son saw snow for the first time this month. 

What a gift to witness another being see something, anything for the first time. It's also hard not to conjure thoughts of what he is unlikely to see in his lifetime, as the coral reefs bleach and the insects vanish and the biosphere grows less vibrant every day. 

It's easy, and completely understandable, to numb out. Every newspaper headline paints a bleak portrait of what seems humanity's descent into another dark age. It takes courage to remain open to the violence, heartbreak, and sorrow of the world.  

And yet, eros, the energy and intelligence of life, cannot flow toward an alternative future unless we're able to imagine it first.  Unless we can feel it in our bodies.
Unless we can surrender to the wild edge of emergence. 

I ask myself: what kind of world do I wish for my son to inhabit? 

I picture a beautiful home, living in mutual trust and reciprocity with others.  I picture an intergenerational community, where olders and youngers learn from and nourish each other.  I picture natural beauty surrounding him, the arising and passing of each season honoured through ritual.  I picture his understanding that love is an infinite well of power, when wielded skillfully in service to life.

I allow this vision to linger in my heart, before it dissipates. I open my eyes and see my son watching my face intently, before erupting into a pure giggle.

There's much to be done. But for now, we watch the snow drift from heaven to earth together, for the first time.

- IM


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In case you missed it -  my new workshop is now online.  Many students have registered and are working toward funding their dream. The course is offered via two options: 1) Flat Rate or 2) the spirit of the Gift.  This means I don't tell you how much the course is worth. You'll be invited to gift any amount at the end. 

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I'm very excited to be heading to this gathering coming up in late March on Orcas Island. Having been to numerous other events put on by some of the organizers (Imagine Festival, Revival Gathering) this is the latest iteration in unlocking the power of emergence.

Key visionaries and activists will be in attendance, from Paul Stamets, to Charles Eisenstein and Julia Butterfly Hill - along with musicians Yaima and many others. Beyond the typical "keynotes" - I've appreciated how much the organizers have attempted to break down the typical 'conference' format, and allow for real connection and possibility to flourish.

When we can all bring our gifts in service toward a shared vision for a regenerative future... that's when the magic happens.

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