Or, how I bought a new hat.
Dispatch from the Future
June 2018 / Ian MacKenzie
Photo: Cassie O'Neil

Dear <<Test First Name>>,                                        

So, I bought a hat. I've been meaning to for some time - and when I landed in LA last month for our premiere of Amplify Her, I sensed I was close. 

Our venue was adjacent to a strip of Venice Beach. Hours before the screening, I wandered a few shops down, and immediately came across an eclectic hat shop, packed to the brim (ahem) with a variety of hats, all shapes, makes, and sizes.  I knew this was the place. 

A while ago, a good friend remarked that I'm somewhat of an "Indiana Jones of the New Story," seeking out and amplifying stories of the emerging paradigm. The first hat I tried on had an Indy flair.  The shop owner, clearly one who knew hats and how to pair them with people, waved it down and led me through some other options. 

"This one." He said, pulling a long-brimmed black hat down from the rack - four rows of twine wrapped around offered a distinguished edge. A hat steeped in myth and mystery. 

I tried it on. A perfect fit. 

Not a style I would have chosen, but one that felt true. I felt a little like Harry Potter's in Diagon Alley, where the magic wand chose him, instead of the other way around. He is drawn to be the wizard a wand like that calls forth. Perhaps I'm now called to live up to the man who can wear a hat like this one, and all labours in myth and storytelling that it path calls forth. (Or maybe I suspect I'm closer to a wizard than a rogue archeologist).

May you find a hat that invites a noble path for you.

- IM


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As promised, here's the new trailer for Stephen's forthcoming book "Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble."  Having read and early copy, it is a fierce love letter to old that is a necessary medicine for these times.

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Just after procuring my aforementioned hat, I recorded an interview on Venice Beach with the incredibly talented CloZee - a French artist we featured in Amplify Her, who has since gone big all over the world.  

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From the Archives

This past weekend, I had the great honour of MC'ing an event on Salt Spring that included the potent spoken-word artists Climbing Poetree. 

During the night, I shared in three parts, the prophecy of Shambhala. I first heard the story while working on Occupy Love, and subsequently wrote this essay from my second year at Burning Man.

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