A love letter from the wild edge of emergence.
Dispatch from the Future
Nov 2018 / Ian MacKenzie

Oryn Steadyheart

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

My son, Oryn Steadyheart, is seven weeks old. I recognize my life will never be the same and there's a excitement and sorrow in that. The death of the me that existed before. The birth of me as a father.

I wonder what the world will resemble in his lifetime. Already the changes that have occurred over the last few decades have been staggering. Species extinction. Weather disruption. Social breakdown. The future is more uncertain than ever.

And yet, somehow I'm encouraged. Not that we can sustain what has been - after all, so little has ever been sustainable about modernity - but of what may come as we collectively shift from an era of domination into an era of emergence.

In his honour, I've written a new long-essay that explores this topic: The Wild Edge of Emergence.  It's a hefty 20 minute read, made possible through my monthly Patreon supporters.  

I've already been learning from my newborn, who is incapable of being anything less than present to his immediate circumstance. He is a remarkable barometer of contact and entirely resistant to my attempts at "control."

Time with him is not a problem to solve, but a practice in which to deepen.

I am so grateful for his ongoing example and for the boundless patience of his mother. Taoist masters, I suspect, both of them.

- IM


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Might there exist a set of principles that would give rise to a new era of activism, capable of responding to our growing planetary crises? In this decades spanning essay, I search for the mysterious patterns of order in the infinite complexity of life.

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