Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Dispatch from the Future
Aug 2019 / Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

In my last newsletter, I shared that I want to believe

I want to believe that the crowdfunding campaign for our film Love School, exploring the revolutionary research of Tamera peace village, is possible because it's what the world needs.

Not because I decided what the world needs, but because that is what Life has asked of me and my fellow filmmakers (just as Life has asked certain tasks of you). I've strived to listen and be faithful to that calling. 

I'll admit - up until last week, our campaign was far from certain. I struggled with a number of doubts - whether we had done something wrong or missed something essential.

And then, a conversation changed everything.   

I connected with visionary entrepreneur Raj Lahoti and his partner Mary, both who had attended a previous Love School at Esalen a few years back. Their own journeys in love and service had led them together, then apart, then together again.  Life has drawn them together and they were willing to listen. 

And from their alchemy, a "YES" arose for Raj to come onboard as an Executive Producer on our film. (You can watch our post-decision conversation here). 

This was the tipping point. With the support of many many other beautiful souls who have pledged, we're now sitting at 87% with 6 days left to raise the remaining funds.

The goal is within reach, though not inevitable. If you are waiting to jump in, now is the time.  Please watch the pitch and contribute on Kickstarter.

In the words of Helen Keller, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Let us greatly dare, together. 

- IM

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The Latest


I'm proud of this new piece, which I actually started writing about 2 years ago. I didn't feel the call to finish it off...until now.  The timing is perfect as many are packing their cars and tickle trunks and heading soon to Black Rock City. I use their invocation of Home to link it to the Myth of the One, and loss of culture & ancestry. 

» Read the essay Home Is Wherever I'm With You (10 mins) 


In this rich interview for his Life Is A Festival podcast, my friend Eamon interviews co-director Julia and I about the deeper themes and experiences during our time in Tamera. This goes far beyond ideas of monogamy or polyamory, and speaks to the necessity of reawakening village.

» Listen to the interview on Life Is A Festival  (1.40 mins) 


Finally, as a special treat, here's an excerpt from our interview with Charles Eisenstein that we shot while he was attending the Love School a few years ago.   I decided to polish and release it to share the importance of places like Tamera who are modelling the future culture, now.

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- IM 

p.s. Each day during the crowdfunding campaign, we've been offering Love School Lunches via Facebook Live.
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