On birth and the willingness to not be ready.
Dispatch from the Future
Sept 2018 / Ian MacKenzie
An altar of flowers / Day Schildkret 

Dear <<Test First Name>>,

Only a few weeks ago, the skies were choked by forest fire smoke in my part of the world. And now, a steady rain is falling, bringing relief to the parched earth.  On the opposite side of the continent, hurricanes build in ferocity as they race toward the shore.

My partner Asha is now 8 months pregnant. Our child in her womb is the size of a mid-century hanging lamp.

When I was younger, I couldn’t believe I would ever have children. It was too much of a risk - the depth of attachment and fear of calamity felt too much to bear. How do you love another being this much, and yet, know they must grow outside of your shadow?

I feel ready to be not ready.

A friend told me years ago with a wry grin “I’ve been married and divorced, and I recommend both.” An elder once said “Divorce takes everything you thought you were and burns it to the ground. What’s left standing might be the most faithful part of you all along.”

Last weekend, I knelt before Asha in a gathering of our friends and kin, all adorned in finery and eloquence, and I proposed that we marry.  She said ‘yes.’

Yes to our lives together and no to every other possibility.

That might just be hallmark of those willing to labour toward village as well: yes to planting yourself somewhere, rather than hovering in the infinite possibility of anywhere.

And somehow I recognize, that's not a coincidence.

- IM


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My friend and ally in emergence Zamir Dhanji has crafted a beautiful essay from a conversation we shared a few months back while attending the AMMA visit to Seattle.  He weaves such threads as revolution of love, emergence, the heroine's journey, and beyond.  

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